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Great Ride today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Hornet and I did a very pleasant ride from Wollongong to Newcastle today...The old highway is looking a bit sad compared to what I remember of it 20 years ago; the surface is very rough and patchy and the speed limit is only 80 now (that didn't seem to worry the guy on the R1 who was racing the guy on the Gixxer though)

    Unfortunately, the northern end of the old road was closed by an accident both on the way up and still closed on the way back, so it was the boring old F3.

    Needless to say, the weather was great and it was a very enjoyable 400+k's

  2. Actually I did 247ks on the first tank and just ticked over to reserve as I turned into my street on 255ks so it was more than 500 ks altogether.

    Must relate a conversation with a lady we met in the car park at the garage at Wyong.
    She was driving a very expensive Merc, and was dressed, etc, to suit.
    LWM (Lady with Merc): isn't it cold to ride a bike today?
    H&R (Hornet and RC): no, it's a perfect day for a ride
    LWM: aren't bikes dangerous?
    H&R: no, heaps are being bought by people in our age bracket, kids have grown up and people want to have some fun!
    LWM: Where I live people are more likely to have an affair.
    H&M: bikes are safer!
    LWM: how so?
    H&M: you're not likely to get divorced over a bike!
    LWM departed laughing!
    Another satisfied customer!!!!
  3. hornet, were you trying to pick her up?
  4. Sounds as though you've had an encounter with a creature from an ancient key swapping tribe. Georgeous, but, potentially high maintenance. :wink: :LOL:
  5. Dan, I'm SHOCKED that you would make such a suggestion!!
    No, in truth it was just a conversation that lasted less than a minute, and my response at the last was unrehearsed and obviously amused her, that's why I told the story
    And G, I complain about the cost of tyres for the Hornet, I can't even begin to imagine the sorts of costs to which you are alluding.
    It was a funny moment, though.......
  6. So not true...