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Great Ride Today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nolan, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all, had a great ride today down in Adelaide, weather was fantastic and I was really able to enjoy the Ninja 300. Getting better at my cornering but just need more time on the bike. Some have said the standard tires on the bike crap but I never felt like I had a lack of grip.

    Really enjoyed going on Range Road and one Tree Hill roads for those that know them.

    Starting to get some good leans I think (about 1cm of my chicken strips remaining), trying to learn to not chop off the throttle on a sharp bends as well.

    If there is anyone that is interested in Sunday morning rides in general, let me know.

    Thanks for listening guys, sometimes it's only other riders that understand how good a nice ride out can be.
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  2. Hello and welcome to Netrider. Glad you enjoyed your ride, live out North do you?
  3. Hi there, Mcsenna. Yes I live in Paralowie so it takes a while to get to anything remotely interesting. Lots of good roads once you get into the hills though. The weather has been pretty good the last month which has been nice as well.
  4. It was an excellent day for a ride!! As long as you got home before the rain hit.

    I kid you not, I got home, (I live at Glenelg) opened the garage, backed the bike in then closed the door and down came the rain!! Almost got the new MT-07 wet ;)

    I was in the hills yesterday NolanNolan. Up around Norton Summit, Ashton, Mt Lofty. Then went for a bit of a cruise down the Freeway. Got a 100km yesterday and 115km today :)

    Looks like it may be wet for the next few days though. Might have to just check the rain radar and sneak out between showers :)

    Range Road and One Tree Hill Road would be a bit of fun :)
  5. NolanNolan...i live in Paralowie as well. I did black top road a few weeks back now....i used to get my car out there years ago, amazing how different it is on a bike. Chain of Ponds is a good ride too, but can get fairly busy