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Great ride down to Mornington

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RedRobbo, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Last night I went for a ride down to Mornington was a great ride. On my way back I stopped in at Frankston Maccas for a Cappochino. It is a place that always seems to have some interesting people in it :D. Then as I was coming down Frankston Dandenong road 3 other riders on much bigger bikes came past and slowed down. I thought maybe I had forgot to turn off my indicators off or something was wrong with my bike that I couldn't see. At the next set of lights I pulled up next to one of them and he gave me a thumbs up and nod. After that we stayed in a group all the way down that road and then they also were heading down Thompsons road like I was. I finally stopped at the round about on Narre Cranbourne road to turn left pulling up to 1 of the riders he gave me a thumbs up and continued on straight. It certainly made the ride home more enjoyable and fun. I am now really keen for a group ride :biker:.

  2. Love random group rides with random riders :p
  3. It's lovely down here on the Peninsula. Glad you had a nice ride. Come back soon.
  4. It is beautiful down your way mate, lots of nice places to visit and ride to.
  5. where did you end up riding to down here?

    yeah we have some good scenery, and good roads when the potholes are fixed. haha
  6. Brotherhood of riders at its best :)
  7. love a run around the peninsula before work some days.

    down to Flinders, over through Cape Shank down to Portsea, Throw in a detour via Arthur Seat on the way back and down to Dromana - mornington ahd off home.

    One piece of advice is becareful of the roads around Mainridge. Lots of tree cover and can take days to dry out after rain. Those leaves may look dry on top but underneath...slippery as all get up.

    best this about the peninsula is you can't get lost !
    Keep riding until you get to the water than turn right...you will get home eventually
    (same goes for riding anywhere in Australia really...it is just a VERY big island.) haha
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  8. Got as far as it lets you go on the Esplanade, I just love that stretch of road.
  9. Yeah all beautiful places mate, thanks for the tip to I imagine an inexperienced rider like myself could come a cropper without that knowledge cheers Melbourne Mick:biker:.
  10. nice, you obviously took the detour then? as half of the esplanade is blocked off.

    glad you had an nice ride.

    and melbournemick, i do the same ride as you just said on a regular basis, and you're right you cant get lost!! even if you do its still fun riding around in circles around red hill and flinders etc..
  11. Next time i head down that way I will give you a shout and we can go for a berl
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  12. Nice post red :) very beautiful down that way been a couple of years for me .

    I do have a big problem with your post " you went to McDonalds"" for coffee "":-s

    We need to work on your coffee appreciation :) someone from that area will know of a fine coffee shop ??
  13. Mainstage has raised a valid (and potentially serious) matter here.

    But the Flinders Bakehouse Cafe will see you right for a good coffee !
    The jam donuts are pretty killer too
  14. These are the vanilla slices from the Flinders Fish & Chip shop/cafe. They recently won the the title of the worlds biggest vanilla slice which weighed in at a whopping 420kg. The pics are in the window. The donuts are about the size of a dinner plate and they also do a mean coffee and the food is great.
    A word of warning tho...after eating a vanilla slice and a donut no bike less than a 750cc will get you home.

  15. worlds biggest snot blocks
  16. One place I won't recommend is the Flinders Pub.

    Rode their with two other fellas. Ordered 3 Parmas with chips and salad. Paid top dollar too.
    When the meals came we got 3 plates with a parma on each.
    A bowl of chips - to share
    a salad - to share.

    Believe me that bowl of shared chips was the biggest jib ever. I did complain and get more chips as the menu board stated "Parma with chips and salad" nothing about sharing.
    end rant - won't go there again.
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  17. its funny you mention that, i went there with my parents for lunch one day and had an eye fillet steak, menu said it came with chips salad, and obviously the jus, when dad and i got our steaks we had a salad and chips to share.
    pretty stingy if you ask me... in the restaurants i've cooked at you pay for a meal per person, you get sides to yourself.. not to share, if you want to share you can order extra sides or whatever the **** you want.

    ever since the new executive chef took over, the food has gone to exceptional standards, but its now expensive and stingy.. with the sharing of sides.

    As for coffee, there is a gazillion good places for coffee.. and mcdonalds is not one of them, and if you have coffee in sorrento expect to pay a lot more than you would in mornington, its good coffee.. but they charge top dollar..
    i got a "large" strong latte (it was in a mug) and they charged me $6 pretty steep.
  18. Love the peninsula. There are some awesome roads to cruise around. (y)
  19. Yeah I guess I don't many good stops around there but they do have the McCafe and there is always some interesting people stopping in there so it is entertaining:D.