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Great ride at night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. I don't get a chance to ride as much as i like with work and family ect especially during the day and weekend.
    However i have found a solution , taken to riding at midnight , or early hours of the morning ( 1:00am - 2:30am ). I've found its excellent. No traffic, wind, usually green traffic lights, and no cops, just a few trucks.
    I start at penrith via old bathurst then off to katoomba, smooth road 2 lanes all to yourself, bends , mountains ect.The road lights give it that race track feel. You really get a chance to put the bike through its paces, wind it out in every gear ,the whole lot. Full speed all the way there and back or just cruise along. It feels like you going quicker at night for some reason as well.
    If you havent tried it i highly recommend it. Its a pure rush and stress free being void of traffic.
    Im thinking an evil hayabusa would certainly add some spice to the trip !

    Any else recommend a good exciting late night ride location ?

  2. No where around here. Coppers LOVE to hide in shadows at night with their radar.. Going home about 11pm I see at least two cop cars a week sitting in darkness where you cant see them, with their radar out. Just a warning, don't think you're the only one out at that hour.
  3. Hmmmm so your the one who wakes me up at night...zooming past!!!! (kidding...its really the neighbours dogs which do that)
  4. Oh and Blue Mountains only has 3 HWP cars, and only one on the road at any given time.... I might join you one night!
  5. I used to love riding during "witchin' hour" (that time of the night that is most darkest) so I can understand. However I wouldn't ride at night outside of the metro area, simply too much wildlife that is active at night. Lots of riders have hurt themselves badly that way.

    And even in the metro area, I'm too tired these days, too much on during the day. But yes, I loved it too.
  6. :shock: :shock:
    :LOL: Good on ya for finding time to enjoy the best of what life has to offer!
    even if you are a little looney .. :roll: Sheez :LOL:
  7. I do most of my riding at night and love it. People who go on about animals are usually just scared of night riding.

    After 1am you would rarely see a cop, they are home in bed. Actually the safest time on the road for police is 1am - 4am in the wet. They also don't like getting wet.
  8. Like scared of the dark or something :? yea right, I guess you know best ...
  9. Why would you say such a thing ? This is a discussion forum, you made a comment based on your knowledge and I made one based on mine. Its not a war you know.

    I have facts gained from many riders that have now done some of my rides and in many cases after they overcame their fear of riding at night, mostly gained by listening to other riders, they said it was the best fun ever and will certainly do more night riding.

    I am also not talking new riders here, experienced riders who just had a fear of night riding.

    Lets be grown up about this ok.
  10. +1 Davo,
    I've ridden interstate heaps of times since the '70's, don't remember ever having a wildlife issue, i find their more active in the sunrise/sunset period -
    actually rode all the way to Cairns & back and didn't see one live 'roo the whole way... mind you I did see a fresh roadkill roo which was bigger than my BMW - glad we never met :LOL:

    A good local run you could do from Penriff is up Mulgoa Rd, up Silverdale road, Oakdale/back via Picton/Razorback, back of Camden, Northern Rd and wallacia via Greendale Rd, but watch dirty bends on Greendale. a nice empty, fast and fun ride... :grin:

    Don't you work 99Sydrd ?? :LOL:
  11. I don't like to offend anyone, and regret any offence but your comment was not simply another opinion, it was a dismissal of mine with the insinuation that I must be 'scared of the dark'.

    The way to behave is to present your own ideas, by all means attack them if you feel you need to, but NOT the individual. So it's a little rich for you to be lecturing others on etiquette.

  12. I always used to prefer first thing in the morning (just after dawn). Still very little traffic, and that nice cold air used to make the bike go oh so nice. :twisted:
  13. Yes Andy the bike seems to run better. I get better fuel consumption on the long runs during the night, so I commonly say. I run better, the bike runs better at night.

    Admittedly there are a few areas about Australia that you do not want to be riding at night. Such as Cobar to Broken Hill (although I have once when time constraints determined that I did) Truckers even tell me I should run the Nullarbor at night but I won't mainly because of the limited traffic at night in case something happens.

    But as a general rule I feel safer on the country roads at night that in a city as I believe I mentioned in a recent mag article.

    But each to their own.
  14. +1
    Night riding can be a great experience. having said that, there are a couple of roads I'd never do again at night. Across the Hay Plain is one. I did that once and had thousands of kangaroos all the way from Deniliquin to Wentworth. At one stage I was down to about 25k and picking my way between them.

    generally though wildlife is mainly about around at sunrise and sunset.
  15. i'd be more worried about all the semi's out that way (broken hill - cobar)

    singing - 'the lights coming over the hill are blinding me..'

    just got back from a night ride down to La perouse. its not far but its quiet (even at 9pm) and its nice to get used to the new bike without to many F@@@er's up yer clacker.
  16. Doesn't need to be far to enjoy a night ride does it :cool:
  17. no siree,

    half an hour of rollin alongside the ocean certainly does the trick.
  18. Nothing like a nice warm late night ride when you can smell the night blooming flowers and there's not another person in sight. Especially when you get into that groove, the corners just seem to flow past and everything seems to go just right.
  19. Mainland Australia, yes you'll find most of animals you need to worry about are out at dusk and dawn. I've had plenty of close calls with roos at those times so I generally avoid riding in roo country at those times. But concerns about animals at night is a valid one - wombats are the biggest concern at night, and they are quite active. I've hit a couple in cars and had a very close call on the bike - and seen others at the side of the road moving about. Smaller animals like rabbits are about, but they don't bother me too much.

    I wouldn't be saying that people who have concerns about animals are just scared of night riding, thats ridiculous. Try Tassie at night time and tell me there aren't any animals on the road. They have reduced speed limits at night time for a very good reason.

    That being said, I also enjoy riding at night. And I'm perfectly happy to ride in the country at night depending on the area and the wildlife population. I quote often will jump on the bike late at night for a ride - really blows away the cobwebs - and I have extra lights on my bike because I do it frequently :)
  20. The GOR is awesome for night time rides. As long as you know the road (i.e bad spots, hard corners etc.)

    The cops finish up shop here at midnight, and in Lorne in winter its 1am...

    So at 1am, going for a blat from Anglesea to Skenes creek is great fun! Gets a bit cold though!!!