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great result to my mini-crash (respray)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by slyfox, May 19, 2005.

  1. after my mini-accident i looked into getting the paint fixed up, originally got a quote for $330, then got a recommendation from my grandfather who has worked in the auto industry for decades to give hightech prestige body & bike a try in moorabbin.

    i dropped in, despite them closing at the time they were happy to give me a quote, $250, i got it into them 2 days ago. they also agreed to contact benelli and order a sticker for me that would need replacing (as to paint in the area they would have to peel it off and it would come off in bits)

    i picked it up the next night (last night) it looks as good as new! after contacting benelli they found a sticker would take 7 weeks to arrive, so they patiently took the sticker off and after the spray re-applied it for free, saving me the wait and cost of the new sticker.

    it also took them significantly more time to do than they expected due to some issues re. them not being able to remove the fairings but were happy to honour the $250 quote rather than call and ask for more $$$, finally they washed it for me! :D

    just thought they deserved some free positive publicity, many people have a whinge about a shop when they're hard done by, but not as many compliment good service. anyway here is what my $250 got me :p

    (note top edge is stripped of paint as well, hard to make out in the pic
    yay! it's all shiney again! :p
    URL's fixed
  2. the links don't seem to be working...
    but that sounds like you got treated well!! if only i lived in mexico i'd know exactly where to get my ride fixed! not that it needs fixing.
  3. Nice one!

    I agree, when someone performs above and beyond the call of duty it's worth a pat on the back.
  4. its a scooter? :-O omg what a waste fo time! :p
  5. Does anyone have there number?
  6. Looks good as new to me. I also would be interested in getting their number.
  7. hmmm they should be listed in the white or yellow pages, i'll have a look later. they are located litterally around the corner from sportsmart (cochranes road moorabbin.)

    they are bloody good at their job and are also very reasonably priced.

    ..this is a seriously old thread of mine, nice resurrection! :grin:
  8. I used to work just near them and I have heard great stuff about them from the lads I used to work with. Unfortunalty it was after I had my car accident and a different panelbeater had started working on my car.

    High Tech Prestige Body & Bike
    Flag no.14
    1 Capella Crs Moorabbin VIC 3189
    ph: (03) 9555 3922
  9. I'm looking for somewhere to respray my tank, but called their number today and it said it wasn't in use?

    Anyone know if these guys have shut down?
    (no listing on white or yellowpages + google)

    That being said, can anyone point me in the direction of where I can resrpay a tank?! I can find a billion service centres but searches keep revealing nothing...
  10. Whats wrong with the partner page over there <------------
  11. Ahh... kilsyth is the problem. It's like forever away - I was thinking local.