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great response (thnx all) but drags?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pete777, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. thnx all to other great responses about sidecar racing, but what about drags. anybody have some clues on how to go about being a drag bike rider??

  2. 1- get on bike
    2- wait for green light
    3- go as fast as possible to the finish line

    Drag racing is that simple! :LOL:

    Practice every Friday night at Calder, and some other night at WSID.
  3. that would be quite alrite if i had the cash to own a hayabusa maybe, but what i meant is a real drag bike with wheelie bars and a insanely worked motor thatll eat any road bike for any meal being breakfast thru dinner
  4. One of my uncles is currently building a bike for those land speed record runs
  5. If you dont have the money for a hayabusa, then you certainly dont have the money for a drag bike,

    Man Drag bikes are nothing compared to the bikes they use for land speed records

  6. and the other quote above you (i dont know how to do two quote in one), does your uncle need a rider ill give it a go. geez all i need is like 1million dollars and ill be the fastest guy ever on a bike. any1 got a spare mil just lying about thats having troub using it?? (pls no sarcastic replys to this, i wanna take this serioulsly) (like thatll happen)
  7. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



  8. Just like with a drag car (cos I had one)

    Its all about cubic money, the faster you wanna go the more cubic money you gotta poor into it...
  9. Pictures or it didn't happen Elvis!
  10. What's his first name? I know two blokes that are building them up for Gairdiner next year, if it's on.
  11. Bob - I don't know what his time line is - This will be his first bike, he has been doing the car thing for years.
  12. Edit* Here ya go


  13. If I recall correctly, Harley Davidson offers a production-based drag bike as part of its "Screaming Eagle" division.

    I can't recall the recommended retail price, but as others have said, if you can't afford a new Hayabusa then you most probably can't afford one of these straight-line warriors!

    Alternatively, have you considered entering the street drags with your current road registered bike?

    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...."
  14. Mate, any off the showroom floor supersport 600 will probably be as fast as that thing you call a drag car. Start there!
  15. That thing I call a drag car aye? Not up to your standards?

    No its not as fast as a bike, but was just as enjoyable at the time. And yes, it still cost cubic money.
  16. It's not about standards, it's about definition. There's a difference between a 'drag car' and a car that I go drag racing in.

    THIS is a drag car.....


    Yours is the other. :wink: As was mine, which ran 11's and I drove it to work every day.
  17. well, thats the difference.

    Mine wasn't street registered nor driven on the street. only on the track (drag), that made it a drag car.
  18. Hahahaha, I've got an old corolla here that's unregistered, if I take it to Calder on Friday night does that make it a drag car?

    :LOL: :roll:
  19. Triway, I have a couple of acquaintances that have cars that are quicker than bikes at the drags. They are, however, registered, full bodied sedans. Are they drag cars?
  20. Nope, they're street cars....

    IMHO, a drag must be -
    *quicker than 10secs
    *be built specifically as a drag car
    *not be road registerable