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Great quotes from Netriders

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Loz, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. [Admins: can we sticky-ifiy this one?]

    I thought I'd kick off a thread to celebrate those golden quotes people come out with from time to time. Please post your own nominations up for quote of the week/month/year and maybe we can make this part of the annual Netrider chrissy BBQ action...

    1) No self-nominations
    2) A 2-message exchange is acceptable - ie. an excellent smackdown may be presented with the previous person's quotes attached too, but keep it brief
    3) Make sure you leave a pointer to the thread you got the quote from.

    Here's my first nomination, from this thread:

  2. from here
    :p :p :p
  3. Eswen

    ...Maybe in six months, after the warranty runs out, everything will fall apart while I’m riding down the freeway popping a mono on my awesome 250 and I'll crash and die with horrible road rash, and the only item they will recover from my broken body will be a Sumoto business card. And then, at my funeral, everyone will say "That was Eswen... we TOLD her not to buy from Sumoto's!!" ...
  4. LoL. Where did vanman go? :LOL:

    And joel, I'll be watching your every move from here on in. You best not post anything silly. [​IMG]
  5. Apparently over at sariders bagging NR.

    Devo, Joel has made some of the funniest quips on NR... there must be a gold mine of stuff to pick through.

    I also vote MVRog for the most likely to use dry wit to make an understated point... too many to choose from...
  6. dougz wrote
    Did the Hyosung Cup also have a mechanics championship run in conjunction with it?
  7. Thanx Rob.... I hope.
  8. lols. too true
  9. lol u took about 2min to submit that one, Loz :p
  10. It's like a drunk chick at a party mate, you've got to jump on it before you forget it's there.
  11. Speaking of drunk - wtf does that mean?
  12. Drunk means that you have consumed enogh alcoholic beverages, that you shouldn't drive a computer.
  13. ask Bangr about drunk, he had fun at Loz's i heard :grin: :LOL:
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