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Great Ocean Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nathanshnoz, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I just got my P's a couple of weeks ago and i am now absolutely ADDICTED to riding! I live on the Great Ocean Road and try to ride my bike as often as is possible. But i have a problem, i never have anyone to ride with! I can ride most days this time of year and so many times i ride down this beautiful stretch of road at my doorstep and pass other riders enjoying just the very same thing. But i get lonely sometimes and wish i had some fellow motorcyclists to enjoy the ride with. I have always loved bikes (mostly dirt bikes so far in my life, due to being too young to ride on the road) and everything to do with them, and I'm keen to meet others with a passion for bikes so i can learn more about road bikes and road riding and to share the enjoyment of riding one of the greatest roads in the world. Anybody keen?

    P.S - I double as a weather observer for the Bureau of Meteorology so i always have a reasonable idea of what the weather is doing :grin:

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  3. Welcome to the forum :)

    I am one of those happy riders - but I dont often ride in groups. :eek: :LOL:

    Feel free to drop me a line sometime and more than happy to go for a ride on weekends
  4. Stop ya winging nath! I'll come visit when i get a chance :)
  5. :grin: Your a lucky man nath! What i'd give to live down that side of the woods...
    I'd join you for a ride one day, once i've built up a bit of exp. in riding.
    The Great Ocean Road is at the top of my destination i'd love to ride...

    Ride safely

    Cheers Phillip :grin:
  6. in other words you have no idea what the weather is doing..

  7. Any time you see others bikers that have stopped for a rest, stop and say hello. Before you know it you'll have some new friends. Easy.

  8. FYI the best patch of road down there isn't actually the GOR. It's the bit between Lavers Hill and Colac.
    Anyone know if that bit's still 100kph? Haven't been down that way in ages.
  9. Hey Monkey - we call that Forrest...... It is a good bit of road :grin:

    Still 100 at this stage.
  10. I liked the bit between the Apostles and Laver's Hill most... though a lot of the roads around Laver's Hill were fun too. :)
  11. Well....ummm....i can guess! :p

    yeah it's great down there but the road tends to get some ice on it during the winter sometimes in those spots :shock:

    well if anyone ever feels like some company on rides in this general area PM me a day or 2 prior and i should have no problems making it :)

    A little bit of advice for anyone going to ride it to keep you out of trouble (this advice comes from being an experienced car driver on the GOR, i do not claim to be an experienced bike rider on it, even though i have already ridden it end to end nearly 6 times :cool:)

    1) SOME of the corners that suggest 35k's per hour should not be taken much faster, as they really are SLOW corners

    2) On your way into Lorne (from Anglesea) it drops to 50k's...often a copper on the side of the road

    3) On your way into Skenes Creek and Apollo Bay it's 50 or 70 or 80 depending on where you are exactly.....coppers are very bored in Apollo Bay this time of year and are very often there.....the other day was cops with a camera and 2k's down the road was a fixed camera on a car too! :shock:

    4) Any vehicle resembling a people mover or van, exercise great caution as usually full of Asian tourists who neither speak english or understand the road rules in our country. They are more than happy to drive at 40k's an hour on the wrong side of the road and stop in the middle of the road on a blind corner to take photo's of Koala's.

    Hopefully i will get a chance to ride with some of you soon!
  12. Or do this sort of thing.


    During a mid week run back from Port Campbell back in April last year, just before the Crowes Hill Firewatch tower, I came around a corner to find the dust starting to settle from this.

    Newly wed couple from Hong Kong in a renter certainly have something to tell their children in the future.

    Very lucky not to have gone over the edge as the guard rail posts were rotted through and they ran along the top of it for at least 20 metres.

    There was also a BMW into a tree about 10 km prior to this as well.
  13. Hi Nathan,

    I want to ride either to Adelaide or back from Adelaide on the GOR. I plan to leave Melbourne (Frankston) about a week before xmas and will return just after new year. Let me know if this interests you at all. Cheers, Mim
  14. sounds like fun! i already have some stuff organised for chrissy with the fam but i'm sure i could tag along for some of the ride. send us a PM closer to the time
  15. G'day mate and welcome to netrider.
    The missus and l will be riding the GOR in late October, l will try and PM you closer to the time. It would be great to meet some other netridres.
  16. sounds good. let me know
  17. We are going to be staying at Lavers Hill fauna park from the 1st to the 3rd of November, should try and meet up for a ride.
    The missus and l will be riding from Portland to Portarlingtonfrom the 30th to the 4th. Our first tome on the GOR, we cant wait. :grin:
    I hope you are free around that time.
  18. Me too me too!

    Hi Nath et al,

    I'm just shopping around for a steed to do the exact same thing! GOR and GAR firmly on the agenda as soon as I can get some wheels under me! Will drop you a line when I do!

    Hope the riding is still making you buzz - keep the rubber side down!
  19. Forest to Skene's Creek.

    Personally, I think the road from Forrest to Skene's creek is a real cracker (The C119). There isn't much traffic on it, especially compared to the GOR, and there isn't as many officers of the law that hang out that way.
  20. Re: Forest to Skene's Creek.

    Shhhhhhhhh. :)