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Great Ocean Road

Discussion in 'VIC' started by YamahaWoman, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Very short notice I know, but tomorrow at around 10AM if anyone can do it :angel:

  2. Gee!! been waiting for one of these GOR posts. How about planning one on a weekend :D
  3. Haha, soon. The opportunity came up for tomorrow so I thought I'd take it :)
  4. I only just saw this now. After doing Whitfield yesterday I'm still keen for more twisties but unfortunately I can't make it this time Tahlia. Nice day for it too, hope you enjoy the ride,
    take care.
  5. Thanks Ned, maybe next time :)
  6. drove in the cage to Apollo Bay on Monday. There is currently a lot of crap on the roads washed off the hillsides including small rocks and gravel on some corners. So be careful, but have fun!
  7. Thanks for letting me know Simon, I'll be extra careful :)
  8. It was great fun, I LOVE those twisties!!!

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  9. Glad you enjoyed it Tahlia, how far did you go?
    Nice shots too.
  10. We went about 20-30 kms past Lorne and then back. I've done 1183 kms on the bike since I got it on the 4th of February this year... this riding stuff is heaps of fun! :D
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  11. So what's next, 12 Apostles? Be careful, that fun turns into addiction......
  12. Don't give me ideas lol :)
  13. Tahlia when are you gettin a vid cam to show the ocean
  14. That's about 47 kms away from Lorne isn't it? If so it's just a bit further than I went today... hmm....
  15. I took one today :)

    The hard part is converting the file to a format that youtube accepts. The last couple of times I've gone to upload vids from the gopro it's taken all night to do and then it says an error occurred and to use a different format... grrr... those videos were only about 10 minutes long too, when they do upload, it takes about 3 hours, it's ridiculous.
  16. Looks like a great ride Tahlia. I'm really looking forward to getting over that side of the state sometime soon - at least it's fairly close by for you.
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  17. 12 Apostles is about 140km further on, along the coast. Would probably take about 2 hrs. On a recent trip there I splashed out and went up in a chopper for something different. Got the pilot to "free-fall" for a second or two, love that feeling.
  18. Wow, I was Waaaayyyy off lol. Seeing them in the helicopter would have been great!
  19. Chopper ride would be the best way to see the apostles - might pass on the free fall though Ned 8-[
  20. maybe ask on a thread whats the best way to transpose vids so they work on youtube?
    And as Ned said, 12 Apostles!! Leave early!
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