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Great Ocean Road.....what to look out for?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by blue, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. I'll be on the GOR this weekend. been there heaps of times but this is the first on a bike. Just wanted to know what kind of hazards to look out for?

    it ll be a nice 25 degrees but might get windy.

    I have heard of rock fall after heavy rain, apparently heaps of police patrols and i heard the speed limit is down to 80Ks now.

  2. Watch out for corners, there's loads of them down that way and the theiving little buggers will try and snatch your bike away from you if you let them. Some of them have been rumored to snatch a riders life away as well.

    Not to mention the nastiest beast of them all...the dreaded Cage Driver, these beasties can be as nasty as a rhino in fire season, most are placid but you can get the occaisonal randy one.

    Also something to keep an eye out for is the biggest nasty of them all, they hare huge and they tend to over feed and vomit around corners leaving irridescent road surfaces that look pretty but can be deadly to the unwary biker. Don't fall for this cunning trap as it can leave you and your bike prey to the afore-mentioned beasties.

    Sorry I couldnt help it :grin:
  3. I was there last weekend with other brothers and I'd suggest taking it easy in the section before and after Laver's Hill where it goes deep into the forest and cuts into the side of the hills. It is really twisty and the road surface is cut up in some of the corners. It isn't helped by the dappled light of the afternoon sun. There is some real voodoo in them corners. Just ask T Munkey.

    There is one dirt section on the way to Port Campbell where they are doing roadworks, but apart from that it's ALL GOOD.

    Oh yeah, someone said something about a covert police officer in the bushes, up in the hills, above and in the vicinity of the famous GOR sign, but I never saw any.
  4. * Watch out for the tourist taking happy snaps in the most dangerous of corners.

    * On the way back watch out for the drivers who don't like driving in their outside lane because the huge drop on the other end scares them, so obviously they'll take up some of your lane.

    * Around Cumberland River where the G.O.R. is low near the river there's spray from the ocean so take it easy there.

    * Take it easy on the way towards Apollo Bay and on the way back you'll know what to look out for if you want to give it some speed.
  5. Watch out for rocks on the way down :p

    And, er, large buses looming into your lane on blind lefties on the way back.
  6. How much experience do you think someone would need to tackle the GOR for the first time (on bike or car), and with somewhat limited riding experience?.. ok so I've been riding since saturday :p

  7. The GOR is like any other bit of road, ride/drive at a appropriate speed to your skill level. Yes there are plenty of great corners and there is that awesome view. The speed limit has been reduced from 100k's to 80 now the whole way. It is not a race track so if you follow the posted speed limit and cautionary signs then you should not encounter any problems. Just enjoy it and if you ride/drive it at the speed appropriate to your skill level then there should be no issue. It is a great bit of road.

    p.s. I would suggest to keep a eye out for buses, and other large vehicles going wide. Try to look ahead at the upcoming corners, you should be able to see what is coming up from a few corners ahead.
  8. can't wait to get there, should be fun, heaps of it.

    rear tyre is almost a slick. just enough to go there and back.....then time to shop.
  9. Just a question guys, the GOR starts out from Geelong right? (Please excuse my ignorance I am from Sydney, but please don't hold that against me) And how long is the ride, one way?

    I only ask cos I was thinking of taking a trip to Melbourne some time between now and March next year and was wondering if it was worth while riding the bike down, or is it just like any other road I can fine in NSW?
  10. It's not 80km the whole way. It's only reduced to 80 in the section prior to Apollo bay. IMHO if you're only going there then turning around you're wasting your time because you're spending more time on straight roads getting there from Melb then you are on the twisties. I never even bother with the section of road from Anglesea to Lorne. Too much traffic, too many double white lines. Most of the best bits are beyond Apollo Bay, which is fortunate because most of the Sunday drivers and Ducati latte society never venture past Lorne.
  11. I second all that :)
  12. Torquay .. about 15km sth of Geelong.

    Torquay -> Warnambool, approx. 3hrs-4hrs with normal stops. 4hrs-5hrs from Melbourne.

    I would say it's not worth the trip from Syd if you take the Hwy, but if you take a good route to Melb through the Snowy's, then the GOR is worth tacking onto the trip. But not to come specially for. There is better roads in Melb for bikes than the GOR :)

  13. Sweet thanks Mouth that's good to know.
  14. If you're deciding between bringing the car and the bike just for the GOR, then you're probably better off in the car and just doing the touristy thing and admiring the views etc. It's unique in that a lot of the road is carved into the cliffs but as a road it's no better than any of a number of roads I can think of around Sydney.
  15. The GOR starts just after Torquay officially, but the "twistiy bits dont" really start till Aireys Inlet and it is 80k's from there thru to Apollo Bay. Not worth bringing your bike down from NSW just for the GOR i hear you have plenty of nice costal roads up there.

    Oh yeah its a pretty tough life owning a fine Italian bike like a Ducati. :cool:
  16. should add this after driving the GOR last weekend

    the stretch from Apollo Bay to Lavers Hill
    the road surface is crap...
    ripples...especially in corners
    making things interesting are potholes
    30cm ones...getting larger
    again, mostly in the middle of corners
    just on a bike's line

    I have reported the 'bad news' to Vicroads
    action time??? they couldn't tell
    my guess is next century :evil:

    take care if you are thinking of giving that stretch
    a run now the weather is improving

  17. Good morning fellas! OH its friday, half a day of work left.
    Im heading down to lorne for the whole weekend but im contemplating about taking the bike down. Have to leave tonight and not too fond of the 2 hour ride there in the dark.
    Last time i went down to the GOR i ended up seeing some one lying in the middle of the road (someone ran wide)
    I think some of the road is fantastic but because of the amount of tourists it kinda puts me off. You spend more time trying to find a way to pass than enjoying the ride.
  18. Creul but so true :bolt:

  19. It's still in better condition than most of the roads in rural Victoria though. Honestly you Melbourne riders are just far too picky :p.
  20. I tend to watch out for the bits where the edge of bitchumen stops,and after that it tends to drop off 50 odd foot down a cliff into wet blue stuff.That and a nasty corner around skeenes creek with a negative camber,to add to which,tourists often stop to click a happy family of koala's hanging out,chewing the fat :popcorn: and gum leaves,admiring the view.