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Great Ocean Road Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Got tomorrow off so what better way to spend it than riding the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

    Plan is time permitting to ride down to the 12 apostles & back. We will see where we are at for time in lavers hill and decide there whether to push ahead to the apostles or push back home bound.

    Meet point will be outbound Shell on the Westgate fwy chosen for it is centrally located and allows quick access to the freeway trip to access the beaut roads.

    Meet at 6:30am for a 7am departure and be back home about 3pm ish. Distance would be approx 550ish kms. Meet & departure times are fairly firm.

    Anyone free and contemplating on doing this road is more than welcome to come along regardless of what skill level you are at as a rider. All roads will be ridden at speed limits. Corners will be ridden at whatever you feel comfortable at. We will corner mark as needed to ensure no one goes astray. Rode up to Apollo bay and back yesterday and the road conditions were perfect.

    On yesterday's ride we had a fresh learner rider on a 250 bike that completed their maiden ride from start to finish with no issues. If people want to leave early they are more than welcome to opt out at any time as this is a no pressure ride so long as you notify anyone on the ride. There is never any pressure on these rides as I too was a recent learner and am still a novice rider and familiar with the issues faced by learners and new riders.

    Plenty of fuel stops to accommodate for various sized fuel tanks.

    This is not an organised ride & you come at your own risk.
  2. hey res, is that todd rd servo?... i'm wondering if the burnley tunnel or parts of citylink are shut tomorrow or not... if its clear will see you there...
  3. Yeah the Todd rd servo with the kfc next to it. It's on your left as your going out of the city. Sorry not sure about the burnley tunnel or citylink. If you feel your running late msg me and well meet up accordingly.
  4. I'm in. See you there
  5. Have fun with that, I would like to join but it will put me too close to my 15k service that I havent managed to get a booking date for... rather not risk days/weeks of not riding at all :/ not to mention the 6:30 am start....
  6. Thanks Stabs, mate these roads had your bikes name written all over them. I have found a solution to the 7am start for you.
    Stabby goes in to bed early=Stabby gets out of bed early, you like ?:)
    There's a reason for the early start which you'll find out when you come on the next ride.
    Great ride today Nosoh, thanks for the company. Ended up doing 600kms door to door in 9 hours. Lavers Hill to Port Campbell felt like magic. It's the Greatest Road in VIC plus comes with the added bonus of an ocean :)
    Thanks for the heads up on the citylink situation as my normal entry was blocked and had to find an alternative which took longer than expected and made you wait a bit.
    12 Apostles
    Saw this random solo rider pull up on a nice sounding bike. We nicknamed his exhaust the elephants dick to which he said he'd never heard it before. What do you think it looks like?
  7. Ha! I ended up crashing out at 5:30 am...

    Looks like it was a good one for it, I'll see what i can do about the next run.
  8. great day res... well wicked ride !!!
  9. Woah that's late. On Thursdays GOR run I slept at 2am and was having micro sleeps on the freeway run home.
    Agreed, my heads still bumping.
  10. one of those happy snaps...

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  11. Nice shot. Next time around wouldn't mind venturing out even further and doing something like this route. Targeted more towards riders who like long day rides and probably nearing iron butt. See what happens.
  12. Looks like an awesome ride guys ! Thankfully, the weather's been holding up just nicely of late (y)
    I like that route above Res...remember doing that on the Gixxer one day, my first ride with joedelosa and co. My 'rear' endured a Warrnambool return day trip...a fair distance though not 'too' comfortable on a sportsbike. Definitely an 'iron butt' ride for some ...
  13. Personally, I wouldn't bother going any further than Port Campbell. It's pretty straight and boring after that. Only doing Km's for the sake of km's. But that's just me. I'd be more inclined to do another loop from near Beech Forest through to Gellibrand, turn West at Eliminyt, back through Carlilse River, Chappel Vale, West again to Kennedys creek then Simpson, turn South and head back to Princetown. Heaps of far more interesting roads back in there. Just sayin'

    Edit -there's about 500m of gravel near the Chapple Vale/Kennedys Creek intersection. Well there was last time I was there. However -even the woosiest softc@ck I could imagine would have no trouble negotiating that.
  14. GOR Map incorporating Roarin's advice

    640 km, 9:40 hours
  15. That's a nice ride, right there, Capn' (y)
  16. too much i say
  17. It turned out to be great and had lots of fun. Weather has been good and not sure how much more of it there is in store so might as well make use of it before the wet riding season begins.
    I know it's long but couldn't get enough of the Codrington area and wouldn't mind doing the wind farm tour up that way. Not comfortable on a sportsbike but you are capable of doing it.
    I'll do it as a one off as I was in awe of those roads last time I rode thru at Christmas. Thanks for providing details of the goodie roads and I see our friend Captain has plotted them.
    Bit of dirt couldn't hurt infact could do more and in this case will take note of where it is.
    Wow that is awesome and will be utilised in the near future, thanks for that.
    Definitely looks like it I have rode parts of it in bits and pieces but that's a decent comprehensive route.