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Great Ocean Road racers caught

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,18009186%5E2862,00.html

    Great Ocean Road racers caught
    Dina Rosendorff

    A CRACKDOWN on bad driving along the Great Ocean Rd has caught more than 100 drivers a weekend.

    Police snared 355 drivers for breaching road rules on the famous coastal stretch in the first three weekends of last month.

    The operation had been meant to stop motorcyclists treating the road as their playground, but it also caught many badly behaved car drivers.

    More than 60 per cent of those booked drove cars.

    Drivers were booked for speeding, crossing double lines, driving while disqualified or unlicensed or for being over the 0.05 alcohol limit.

    One motorcyclist was caught doing 170km/h in a 100km/h zone.

    One person was found driving a stolen car.

    Police aimed their speed guns at 10 places -- from behind bushes along the road and cliff tops.

    When an offender was identified, the "gun" pointers called ahead to roadside police who pulled over the offenders.

    "The topography of the road with its curves means it is awkward to enforce, so we've resorted to this method to catch these riders and drivers," Sgt Pat Cleary said.

    "At some stages we were that busy we couldn't write fast enough," Sgt Cleary said.

    Sgt Cleary said police would continue this form of enforcement.

    "We want people to know that if you come down to the Great Ocean Rd and choose to breach the road rules, you've got a very good chance of being caught," Sgt Cleary said.
  2. Thats a seemingly low percentage.....
  3. They were targeting motorcyclists but of all the people nabbed 60% were car drivers - interesting. It doesn’t seem worth going down there anymore because between this and all the new speed cameras along the Melb -> Geelong Fwy you're bound to be left out of pocket. I wonder if this has had a negative effect on tourism in the area. Anyone been down the GOR to see this operation first hand?
  4. Considering they were specifically targeting bikes I think it's quite high.
  5. yep
    I would concur
    in fact I am surprised its not higher
    given the ratio of cars to bikes on GOR
  6. The only reason for it not to be worth going down there now is if you want to treat it like a race track instead of the scenic drive that it is.

    These people that treat the roads as race tracks and do these stunts like crossing double lines etc are the reason why we have to keep fighting the law makers from punishing the rest of us.

  7. yeah, definately. all those that break road rules are making life difficult for us riders that never do anything wrong ever :roll:

    what you call fun and what i call fun might be two completely different things, but you cant write my fun off any more than i can yours. get over it, us 'road racers' are here, and wont be leaving any time soon. book us, take our licences, take our money, take our limbs, we'll still come back for more because thats what we get a kick out of :wink:

    i'll grow up when i'm good and damn ready for it :p :p
  8. As long as you go there on a weekday then it should be fine.
  9. I think that what CamKawa refers to is the nature of the laws.

    Even if a motorcyclist wanted to go down there for a pleasure cruise, the odds of accidentally hitting 10-20kph over the limit while watching the road and not the speedo, just as everyone should be doing, is fairly high. The police will likely be heavily patrolling the straight bits where people will, when rolling on the throttle, accidentally creep over the speed limit temporarily while their eyes are on the road, and get pinged.

    If you can honestly say that at no time in your driving/riding life that you have ever found yourself accidentally over the speed limit by 10+kph, then I reckon you're either a liar, or a dangerous driver for not watching the road often enough.

    As for passing on double white lines, there are whole sections of straightish bits that are marked with double white lines when it is perfectly safe to pass, especially on a bike which can complete an overtaking maneuver in less than 3-4 seconds, or about 100-150m.

    Sadly much of the road law policy in victoria has been about simply painting double white lines on anything resembling a curving road, from beginning to end, including on straight sections where passing is safe, and then posting police officers to ping the frustrated drivers who are sick of being stuck behind someone doing 40kph for the last 20 minutes when they can clearly judge for themselves that on some section it's perfectly safe and reasonable to overtake.

    So what we have here is a chicken and the egg scenario. We have some legitimately dangerous road abusers, and fair enough, they should be nabbed. The problem arises when such draconian laws are enacted that suddenly even the average common sense road user is subject to being pinged, and then being labelled as a dangerous road user.

    It's like this. If we suddenly set the Hume Freeway speedlimit to 40kph, painted everything with double white lines, and then put speed cameras everywhere, then suddenly everyone becomes a "road racer", and what they've done to the GOR isn't that far of doing just that, with the exception being that instead of a 40kph limit, there's enough vehicles effectively driving at that speed to effectively make the limit that.
  10. unless those that make the laws are UTTERLY BRAINLESS ( :roll: yeah, i know, bear with me for a tic, i have a point coming :LOL: ), i would tend to disagree. if there is a significant amount of accidents caused by breaking the laws, you dont make the laws tighter, you just enforce them more. making a 100 zone into a 80 zone wont fix people killing themselves at 160 will it :LOL: i tend to think that the 80k change down there was more due to joe holiday maker than joe road racer.

    all i see is the law being enforced more heavily because of us nasty nasty road racers, and if your not in the habit of breaking the law, this shouldn't be an issue should it?
  11. No my issue is not with the 10 or so km/h everyone does over the limit at times. There is a legitimate leeway we have for this. My issue is the '170km/h in a 100km/h zone'.

    As for for crossing the double lines, they are there and the law is definite that they must not be crossed regardless of whether a rider thinks they have plenty of room to get around. It only takes one small mishap and everyone in your family is mourning your loss and writing to their local member to outlaw motorcycles. Worse still, everyone in the family of the person you kill is writing to their local member to outlaw motorcycles.

    Unfortunately at the moment we are the minority. To those in the majority we must appear exemplary or we we'll forever be those rebels on 2 wheels.

  12. Actually Cathar, last time I was down there in December, a lot of it, even the twisty bits, is single white lines... Overtakes are on!
  13. There's always that side of the coin too Coconuts. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how good you are, you still can't fight all the idiots of the world.

  14. Some people seem to be assuming that everyone who enjoyed the GOR bends was flying along and crossing double lines and passing bikes and cars on blind corners when that isn't the case.

    It was quite possible to enjoy oneself between 80 and 100kph on the GOR without going over double lines and without exceeding the old speed limit on quiet days.

    Travelling at 60 to 80kph as per the new limits takes the enjoyment of bend swinging out of it *shrug*.

    I expect I've probably done my last GOR on the bike... seems rather pointless now.

    And yes... I'd expect some drop in patronage in some towns along the road, although probably not enough to matter much... I suspect bikes didn't make up a huge proportion of thier patronage anyway.
  15. I fully agree with cathar. Its a shame road users are saddled with rules designed for the worst drivers in the worst vehicles on the worst sections of our roads. There is not much you can get away with in VIC these days. :cry:
  16. i actually agree with the way laws are made with that in mind, the road would be a dangerous place if laws were made based on the handling capabilities of the latest offerring from porsche or the likes :shock:

    what i wouldn't mind tho, is a little power in the hands of the police to enforce them based on something other than a figure. 20kph over the limit on an open road on a nice day is NOT goddamn dangerous, 5kph over on a crowded road on a wet day when the traffic is travelling 5 under IS....
  17. yup, us idiots just dont kill ourselves quick enuff eh :wink:

    :p :p
  18. I don't understand this post ? Are you saying that it's not worth going to the GOR because it is certain than you WILL break the law and therefore will be out of pocket ?

    Don't break the law, you wont be caught, you wont be out of pocket. Simple. I'm damn sure the GOR is still a lovely, enjoyable ride within the limits of the law. In fact, I'm not just sure of it, I know that it is, I've done it!

    I'm glad the police are taking this action, reduces the chances of my being taken out by a cager hooning it through the bends, or by a biker who thinks that he'she's Valentino and that the GOR is their own personal PI. Good riddence to stupid motorists !
  19. but for all my touting of the road racers flag, i seriously reckon the GOR is a road to be cruised :LOL: well, at least until you get past apollo bay :twisted:

    you just end up being frustrated and doing stupidly dangerous things if you want to try and have some real fun on that road. best to enjoy the scenery, avoid the potholes, dodge the family cars and wait till you get to the good section to have a bit of fun.

    or just avoid the place entirely, nice views, but god its a long way away :LOL:
  20. It may be enjoyable for you and safe for you at 60 to 80k but it isn't for everyone. People have different skill sets. Some will be worse and some will be better.

    With a 100k limit most people fell within the limits for a gentle cruise speed (no I'm _not_ talking about the idiots who race along), with an 80k limit the speed limit is lower than some peoples gentle 'cruise' (I prefer gentle bend swinging as a term... cruise is something I associate with 'cruisers').

    As I said... I expect I've probably done my last GOR on the bike :(