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Great Ocean Road (GOR)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pompy, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. So I have some time off early march, was thinking of heading down the GOR using the ferry to get there and back.
    My question is, what are peoples thoughts on doing it back to back, as in there one day back the next.

    My idea is to get the ferry over to Queensclff and ride to Port Campbell and stay over night before reversing the journey.

    Would it be better to break the ride up on the way back and stay the night somewhere on the way?
  2. Down and back over two days is quite OK. Ned ran a weekender to Port Campbell late last year and it was fine.
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  3. Easy two days, particularly if you go via ferry. And still leaves plenty of time to detour into the Otways a bit. I particularly recommend Skenes Ck to Forrest.
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  4. Thanks for your input cjvfrcjvfr and titustitus think I'll make it an over nighter, and use my other days off in other areas, Bright seems to be calling me :)
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  5. Are you thinking of camping somewhere or using a motel?
  6. Probably a motel or Caravan park cabin Lazy LibranLazy Libran less stuff to carry that way.
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  7. I will eventually visit GOR one of these days. Haven't been on a bike down that way. Ever. :D

    Numerous times in the car so one day...

    I may leave very very early and come back after reaching the 12 Apostles...

    Might post here on NR and see if anyone else is interested...
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  8. If anyone has taken thier bike on the ferry, would you recommend using the centre stand or side stand?
  9. I am planning a mid week ride, and early, I like roads to be as clear as possible ;)
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  10. If it's a rough day you stay with the bike anyway. I'd recommend the side stand as its a bit more planted with a nice wide base. You don't tie it down, it just sits there.
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  11. Queenscliff to Port Campbell is a good day ride. Second day come back to Lavers Hill and head inland to Beech Forest, lunch at Forrest, and then back down to Skenes Creek.
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  12. Didn't take my bike, just a car 3 weeks ago, but all 4 bikes that took the same ferry were parked using side stands. It was a calm day, so riders sipped their coffee and enjoyed the view at the upper deck.
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  13. Yes, As said above, side stand gives three points of support and a lower centre of gravity. Most trips you can leave the bike quite safely. Stay with it when entering port and leaving if the Captain gets it wrong due to wind or tide the ferry will sometimes bounce on one of the mooring platforms, called dolphins, and that may upset the bike. If the weather is rough then stay with the bike, the loading hands will generally warn you if is going to be a bumpy crossing. Crossing takes about an hour by the time you get on and off again. There is a cafe on board you can get food and drinks. They leave on the hour from both ends Queenscliff and Sorrento. It will cost you $65 for a return trip ticket.
  14. Whaaaaat!!

    Off this forum until we see pics!
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  15. Take your "caravan calming" pills regardless...
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  16. I've got a spare bed if you need one, 15 mins north of Warrnambool, make sure you go to Bay of Islands at Peterborough, better than 12 Apostles I think, in Bright at the brewery as I type this
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    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
    I think with an overnighter you could easily make Port Fairy. It's very picturesque, and you could ride down into the old Volcano just the far side of Warrnambool.
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  18. Tower Hill, Port Fairy may be busy in March as there is a folk festival on the long weekend and some stay over
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  19. Random pic of port fairy just ' cos I was there last week!
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  20. I've gone across both ways several times with a bike weighing 129kgs and one weighing 246kgs...both travelled without any problems and also only had side stands. If the crossing is going to be a bit rough the crew will suggest you stay with the bike. I've had to do that probably only a handful of times and neither bike shifted at all. The virago was more top heavy in comparison to the Bolt but still no problem. As Steve42 says I'd been inclined (;)) to use the side stand anyways & definitely recommend checking out the roads around Forrest & Skenes Creek.

    An overnighter is plenty of time, and you can save time and a few dollars if you book online before you go. A lot easier to just hand over an online receipt than doing the whole cash or credit card thing. If you have the receipt in your pocket, you don't even need to remove your gloves !!