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Great Ocean Road - do'able in half a day?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by demuire, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. So I was meant to be going down to Melbourne on Friday the 9th to test drive a car. This has fallen through, so now I have a plane ticket to Melbourne for a day, and nothing planned.

    Current possible plans include wandering around Melbourne, maybe go to the zoo, I hear it's nice. Alternatively maybe I could hire a bike and ride the Great Ocean Road?

    My plane arrives at 8.30am, and I fly out at 8pm. So realistically by the time I make it to Melbourne CBD I'm guessing it would probably be like 10am, maybe a bit later? And then I'd need to be back at the airport by 7pm'ish, which means back in Melbourne CBD by like 6'ish? Most bike hire places would close by about 5 or 5.30pm anyway...

    Would it be worth it? Looking on Google Maps it doesn't look likely that I'd get to do the whole thing, in fact it looks like I'd be lucky to make Apollo Bay? Obviously I don't want it to be a speed run, I want to like, enjoy the scenery, take some photos etc.

    If it is indeed worth it, where's a good place to hire a bike? Had a quick look around Google, and found Garners Motorcycle Hire. They've got GS500's, FZ6n's and ER6n's for about $150'ish. Should I look elsewhere too?

    Thanks :)
  2. yep it's do able, but probably not at a cruisy pace if you got to fark around with bike hire paper work etc, but you could just keep an eye on the time and turn around before you reach the end if you feel you are running out of time
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes to get from the Melbourne Domestic terminal to the CBD (by like, shuttle bus or something)? Google Maps says it takes half an hour to drive...

    The 12 Apostles are after Cape Otway, so I most definitely won't be able to see them...

    So going by Google Maps, assuming I have about 5 hours ride time, I'd likely only make Lorne, or maybe Sugarloaf, which isn't really all that much of the Great Ocean Road...

  4. $150ish plus $X000 deposit.

    You're much better off to head east and go up Mt Dandenong tourist road and potter around Dandenong mountain... maybe even take in a road or two in the emerald/belgrave/gembrook areas.

    CBD to Apollo bay and back is well doable but like Stewy said, fully cruisy pace would see you cutting your margin of timing error.
  5. you don't have to do the GOR both ways. You could hoon down to Colac along the M1, cut down through Forest and cruise back along the GOR or vice-versa
  6. Simon: Yes, was routing for Melbourne - GOR and then fastest route back (which was generally inland).

    Rob: Thanks for that, might look into that...
  7. and brain numbingly boring.
  8. Im with rob. You're looking at a 90+minute boring ride each way to and from the GOR and run the risk of getting lost. Head east to the hills.
    Google maps is right, the shuttle bus takes 25-35mins and costs $15ish each way. Cheaper than a taxi if your traveling solo.
  9. Definitely not enough time to enjoy a ride along the GOR.

    Go east, heaps to discover, go do the Reefton/black spur loop with a nice lunch around whats left of Marysville. If you have time on the way back, head north at Healsville toward Toolangi, Kinglake etc.

    You could even swing through Yarra Glen and check out a winery or two.

    Much more relaxed time wise and IMHO better ride than the GOR.

    Just my 2 cents.
  10. Yeah, I reckon do the Spurs on the eastern side and check out Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood for bike hire.
    If you post up that you need a tour guide/ride companion someone from here may have the day off and love to go for a cruise, i would if I had the day off. Kev.
  11. Cool, thanks for that. I'll look at some maps and think about what I want to do. A friend of mine has offered me a free entry to the Melbourne Aquarium, so maybe I should postpone my Victorian bike riding for another time when I have more time... Maybe.
  12. Where are the "Spurs"? I've heard this mentioned quite a few times :)
  13. If you do decide to do the GOR, send me a PM. Me and my mate are doing our usual loop and if I ask him nicely, we will wait for you and show you around :D

    Melb airport to CBD on Friday will take you 45 - 50 mins I reckon. Depends how far in to the CBD you need to go though. Crossing it from North to South would prolly take 15 mins on a public holiday.

    Spurs are out east. Someone will post a map hopefully, but basically the Black spur starts at healesville and the good bits are over once you get to the motel at the top.
    There are cops on bike, in cars and behind trees. You arn't allowed to overtake on single white lines in Victoria anymore (the entire spur just about) so be carefull. Cops will be all over it!
  14. North East of the city, the Black Spur runs from Healesville to Narbethong and the Reefton Spur runs from Camberville to Warburton (Roughly) It has become a favorite haunt of the Boys in Blue and they hide in the bushes in Robin Hood outfits to steal from the poor to give to King Brumby the Ineffectual. So exercise caution, weekdays are best.

  15. im selling my car (integra type R)... u can come check that out instead! :)