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Great ocean road crash 2/12/07 looking for 2 riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raist60, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Really sorry if this is supposed to go somewhere else. Yesterday I was struck by another bike on the great ocean rd at 12:30 and taken to hospital pretty shaken up with a broken shoulder. Two riders stopped to see if i was ok, if they happen to read this or if anyone knows anyone on GOR yesterday who saw the accident plz contact me. The rider of bike that struck me seems to have given false details and im now left with a broken shoulder and broken fz1 with no recourse... :(

  2. No police involvement?!
  3. Police arrived with ambos i gave what details i could but i was a bit out of it. The bike that hit me may well have been stolen it was a white R1 with plates beginning with N O _ _ _.
  4. what a cucking funt! :mad: sorry to here hope your Ok and they catch the bastard
  5. Yeah :evil: ...probably an unlicensed tool.
  6. I know of a couple of white R1s... One parks every day on Elizabeth street just near Spot On, you might want to wander by and see if it's got the right sort of damage on it. Good luck, that's a crunt's act.
  7. Heal quick bro. A cowardly act if I may say so.
  8. Really sorry to hear that mate. Hope you heal up ok.

    Where was the accident? Did the ambo's get a look at the bike? If so, they will have the rego on it. I'm a vol firefighter for Anglesea, and every accident we go to, we record to rego of the vehicles involved.

    Would pay to contact the ambo's who were there and ask them if they saw it. I bet you they would have it on file. If it was anglesea ambo's, pm me. The head ambo dude is a good mate of mine.

    Get well soon mate! :)
  9. Unfortnately the guys that hit me didnt stay, i was alone when ambo/police arrived.
  10. That makes it hit and run since you were injured.

    Good luck chasing the pricks down. :mad:
  11. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, hope you heal well and fast.

    Are you uninsured? I can assume reasonably from the OP you are not covered comprehensively.

    No wonder they left you if they had something to hide, possibly stolen, unreg or unlicensed, or just uninsured. Try local shops or businesses if any exist nearby, and see if they have any CCTV cameras around that may have picked them up.

    There are lots of pucking crunts out there, and this should highlight to anyone with a bike of any value, that not being covered with a comp policy, you could be left sore and out of pocket.
  12. +1 GG & Tweet

    Thats one bad luck story mate. Main thing is you're still OK.
  13. Go to elizabeth st, near that last bike shop towards vic market (spot on?)? I see white R1 there most of the time and there was a post about that bike using a netrider member's plate once :shock: ... but I could be mistaken.
  14. Sorry to hear about your bad lucky buddy. I really hope they do find the guy that hit you!
  15. I hope you find him, sue him, and he is so out of pocket he can never afford to ride and injure someone again.

    Curses to you, R1 riding coward!
  16. what a shit kharnt effort, i hope you catch up with pharker and get back to health with minimum of fuss.
  17. yikes! what an asshole.

    do you recall how he hit you? head-on? clipped you while overtaking? ...?

    hope you ge it sorted.
  18. Dont want to go into major detail just yet but they over shot their corner and hit me head on in left side of left lane (my perspective). They stopped long enough to provide seemingly false details (probably to make other riders that stopped consider it legit then left. Thats when I called ambo on my own as I realised i couldnt move my arm.
  19. Why not?

    When you got the "details", did you visually check the other guy's rego plate and rego label? What about his licence? Did you sight it?

    If not, that's unfortunate. It's also a prompt for others when involved in an accident like this. Ensure that you get ALL of the other guy's details and verify them by visually noting licence details (and you offer them the same).

    Is your bike insured?

    Good luck in getting it resolved.
  20. That sucks that someone would do that.

    I guess that's a lesson to everyone that if something happens, ALWAYS remember to sight Driver's License and/or Rego plates, and input into your phone or something.