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Great Ocean Road - Avoiding Lorne?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by vahramh, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Looking for an informed recommendation...

    Tomorrow my wife (as a pillion) and I are taking off to a two-week trip from Melbourne to/around South Australia. The intention was to take it slow, stopping frequently and smelling the roses. The trip to Adelaide is planned over three days, with hotels booked in Port Campbell and Mount Gambier.

    So, the first day was supposed to include the entire length of the Great Ocean Road.

    By the looks of it, the road will be closed near Lorne tomorrow due to the bushfire - right now the road is closed between Torquay and Skenes Creek according to the VicTraffic site. So, the usual entry point of Anglesea is out. I need to find an alternative.

    I still want to ride as much of the Great Ocean Road as possible. The problem is - I'm not familiar with the other roads leading to Apollo Bay. Given that heavy rain is forecast tomorrow, I wouldn't want to end up in gravel.

    I'm considering options: taking the freeway to Birregurra then riding south to Skenes Creek (risky but preferred due to more of the Great Ocean Road remaining), or taking the freeway to Colac and riding south to Wattle Hill.

    Does anyone know the status of these roads - any unpaved parts there, anything to look out for?

    Worst case scenario would be the freeway all the way - Colac / Timboon / Port Campbell, but I really don't want to do it unless I absolutely have to.

    Thanks, Vahram
  2. If you want to ride the most of the GOR that you can then, "I'm considering options: taking the freeway to Birregurra then riding south to Skenes Creek (risky but preferred due to more of the Great Ocean Road remaining)", is your best bet. But be aware that Apollo Bay will be very busy with the people that have been evacuated, so I personally wouldn't go there.
  3. This is the preferred way to get to the GOR. Good road and no gravel
    Too bad you cant get on at Anglesea, but with the Thunder showers overnight it may be open in the morning.

    To shenes crk .JPG
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  4. Thanks guys, programming it into my GPS now. Of course we'll need to check the conditions in the morning as well. Right now it doesn't look good :(


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  5. The fires have been burning since earlier in the week, not just today. It's been very hard to get to them as it is too dangerous in parts for the CFA so it is mostly aerial water bombing which is not as successful as you would hope due to the heavy canopy. Hopefully the rain is only half an hour away, but not sure there will be enough of it.

    I would have suggested wheres my boikes route earlier today, but not so sure now. I also don't think Beech Forest is an alternative at the moment.

    Can you leave it a couple of days and maybe see how it goes and come back via the GOR, going via Colac on the way over?
  6. Interesting idea HB. I might change my return route. I have booked a hotel in Hamilton on the way back, but if I miss out on GOR on the way out, I could change the return plans. Certainly worth considering.
  7. Also be aware that with the Falls Festival having moved from Lorne to Mt Dunned Estate just out of Waurn Ponds the A1 will be ugly all week.
  8. I went from deans marsh to 12 apostles through barramunga (maybe closed because fire?) And through lavers hill to port campbell (home of the $10 battered flake wtf). Theres a stretch on the way called "turtons track". Its a single lane very twisty road in deep rainforest with no shoulder. All blind corners and shared with logging trucks. Maybe avoid it if you can but it only goes for 10 minutes and i think saves a bit of time.
    I would go through deans marsh. Possibly even coloc then over to apollo bay. Depending if you can get through barramunga etc.
  9. I decided avoiding the risk, after all it's only the first day of a two week trip. Took the freeway to Port Campbell.
    Now in Adelaide - other than the hot weather I'm loving it!
  10. Happened to be in G Town yesterday and the Falls traffic is being kept away from the Princes Freeway/Highway and using the Anglesea Rd for access by the look of things.
  11. Current Vic Roads info re closure attached - I'm riding down that way tomorrow morning myself and will be battling the A1 to Deans Marsh I think and then cutting through that way...

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