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Great Ocean Road and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Benny Boy, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So im planning a trip from QLD down to Victoria and the Great Ocean Road these Christmas/New Years holidays.

    Depending on weather i'll hopefully take the New England Highway and then Putty road to Lithgow where i plan to spend a few days hiking, caving and sighseeing.
    Then south to Tumbarumba via Oberon-Goulburn road. Can anyone tell me if this road is sealed?

    I was hoping to travel around the Yea and Black Spur areas, but reading other threads here it seemed like these areas are populated by police. Should the area be avoided or is the trip to black spure worth the hassle?

    From there i was hoping to go west via the great ocean road and end up at either Peterborough or Port Campbell, depending on how many stops i make on the way.

    Was planning to backtrack along the GOR to Wilson promontry via the sorrento ferry, unless anyone else has an alternate route i should consider while im in that area.

    From here i start to head north and hopefully following the route i planned for my ill fated trip at the start of 2011.

    This means riding up the Alpine H'way where i want to stop in the Omeo area and camp.

    Again any ideas about where to camp that can be reached via a boulevard M90 will be welcome.

    From here i want to stop by Bright and Mt Beauty again before heading to Khancoban and Jindabyne. Once again any suggestions for a place to camp would be welcomed.
    I read another thread that said this road is now sealed, but are there any ongoing road works or other issues that i might need to be aware of?

    Next is to ride back to Lithgow via Macquarie Pass and Lawrence Hargrave drive.
    From Lithgow i plan to get home via the Oxley Highway. (depending on weather)

    Any ideas about what to see during the trip will be very helpful.

    I just bought a GoPro so i can capture some of the more scenic parts along the way.
    I'm hoping to do a write up like i did with the last road trip.

    So there is my half planned holiday.
  2. On a cruiser you wont be setting any lap records on the spurs anyway but mid week is also quieter

    Cant come all that way and not have a go at all the good roads available
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  3. Not too worried about setting a lap record but i do want to see why everyone raves about the spur. As for the police presence , that sounds promising.
  4. So i just found out this evening from a mate a work that i may have timed my trip along the great ocean road at the same time as The Falls festival at Lorne and its 3 hour traffic jams along the GOR.

    I really haven't got a couple of days to waste waiting for the road to clear up, but i still want to try and ride it and was wondering if anyone knows any short cuts, or at least a good radio station in the area that has traffic updates.
  5. Falls Festival is officially 28th onwards.
    Time your run to the early morning is the trick before traffic starts to move.
  6. take cape otway rd from geelong and head for apollo bay through moriac, modewarre, barwon downs, forest and skenes creek. can then head on to lavers hill etc.
  7. Pretty much all the roads surrounding Melbourne will be infested over the holiday season. No reason to avoid the Spur when you can just as easily be pinged somewhere else.
    Obviously, take the route via Whitfield and Mansfield to get there and it will be worthwhile anyway.

    Go the ferry. Lots of good roads in Sth Gippsland. Avoid the A1 as much as you can.

    Bogong High Plains Road to Mt Beauty (from Omeo) is sealed all the way, but it regularly has a bit of loose gravel in patches. Good camping spot at Anglers Rest opposite the Blue Duck Inn.
    It's also a lot tighter and more unforgiving than the GAR to Bright. Both roads are magnificent.

    That describes the GOR on most holiday weekends! Try to make it a weekday, or early, and/or get to Lorne via Deans Marsh. Or Twistngo's route. After Lorne is the best of the GOR and traffic will thin a good deal, but the days of fanging it hard are long gone. Sit back and enjoy the view.
  8. Let us know when you are planning on hitting whitfield, may be able to pop over and ride with you through there and down into melbourne. Could even head down to the great ocean road with you if you want etc. If needed may have a couch to stay on in melbourne.
  9. The Lithgow-goulburn rd viaTaralga is a great road. Sealed all the way.

    There's a few ways of getting to Tumbarumba from Goulburn. If you want sealed rd you will have to do a bit of the boring Hume freeway, then turn off to Tumut (from memory).

    Then some great rds from Tumbarumba into Vic. You should go via the granya gap near tallangatta and via whitfield to mansfield. Lots of good memories in the towns you and others have mentioned from a ride I did in April this year Syd-mel-Syd. I have been meaning to write it up with some GoPro footage to match.
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  10. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Decisions, desicions, which way will i go? The closer i get to my departure date the more i realise i need to do. Then again something i just heard the other day is the more you plan, the more that can go wrong.

    Thanks for the tip cjfvr for the early morning start. I think I'll give that a go. I'm hoping to dedicate a day for the GOR.
    So as Titus has pointed out, I intend to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Only big thing left to do now is replaces the back brake pads and book some accomodation. Then again why be locked into set schedule.
  11. I like your thinking. I've been away riding before, anywhere between a week and a month at a time, and have yet to book accomodation anywhere. Takes the fun out of it.
    As for the GOR, being a local, I find the best time to ride it is late afternoon. The boy racers have retired for the day, and the plod seem to have dissipated in number. Could be wrong though.
  12. So here i go, hopefully this wont be the last pic.
    m90 start.

    at the last minute i reliased i had forgotten to change the position of my rego.
  13. dude you have to go the spur for sure!
  14. no matter which way you travel, ride safe
  15. Well I did it. I got back at 4:05pm. Tally is 1 bike, 0 deaths. (not including insects)

    Absolutly fantastic, 6891.6km of fun and frustration.

    I've got to pack for another camp leaving tomorrow. Hopefully i can find the time during the camp to write this up and post it as soon a possible.
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  16. well :) good to hear you made it home safe n sound, so where are the pics of the 12 apostles?
  17. can't show the good stuff straight away, need to build the anticipation. :D

    I didn't expect to start posting this so late. I didn't get anythime on the camp to write up anything. To add further delay my grandmother passed way on Saturday. (the day after i got back from camp)

    So, how to start this? It started with very little planning and a lot of scouring the net Christmas nightchecking weather forcasts, and what roads were open. I didn’t want to repeat of going through Cunningham’s gap, only to find the road ahead had been flooded. My back up plan was to follow the princess highway down the coast.

    DAY 1

    The 26th comes around and the weather is looking good. I check the B.O.M. again and find some showers are predicted for mid NSW. There are a few roads on the RTA website that were showing damaged/rough surfaces, but nothing to stop me from taking my preferred route down the New England Highway. I still hadn’t booked anywhere to stay by this point, but was planning to camp most nights using my boiling billing camp guides. Only problem was I had left them at my parents place when I was there for Christmas. All I had was my motorcycle atlas.

    I set off around 7am QLD time. The roads were good and the police were few. I even remembered to set my clocks ahead this time when I crossed the border. The showers started to appear ahead of me as I passed though Glen Innes. Not a problem, I pulled over and put on my Gortex Rain gear. I met another rider who had pulled over to do the same thing and we got chatting about what we were doing. He was going to ride Putty Road. I mentioned I was doing something similar but continuing through to Victoria. I continued on into the rain and the Gortex gear worked better than expected. I didn’t even get wet form the sweat build up that would normally happen with my old wet weather gear. The RTA website mentioned there were a few rough roads in the area, but the rough patches usually ended up being a single bubble of tar off to the side of the road. Stopped off in Tamworth to try and find the Giant Golden Guitar and get a picture.
    I almost missed it and had to double back, but I didn’t mind as this was a good excuse to avoid the police who where pulling cars over just up the road. I met another rider on his way to Byron Bay.
    He seemed interested in my setup and my gear, to the point where he took a few pics of my bike and asked where I gotten my gear. (Various camping stores)
    At last a pic of me.
    I finally made it down to Muswellbrook and found where I was supposed to stay.

    I had a brief encounter with another car while traveling through Muswellbrook. The car in front of me turned left and the car to the left of me at the give way sign must have neglected to see me as he decided to he didn’t need to give way anymore and proceeded to pull out into the intersection. Thankfully I had anticipated, and was already on the breaks creating a loud screech that seemed to wake the driver, as he then hit his breaks, as I also managed to maneuver further to my right being hit. After a short stare down (he knew he was in the wrong) I noticed I had made good time so I decided to make a run for Singleton. I found a caravan park and stayed there the night. I parked the bike under the bbq area incase of hail that night.

    Compared to my previous first attempt to go south, the first day of this trip seemed uneventful by comparison. My main claim to fame was that I rode 823km today, breaking all my previous single day distance records.
  18. thats a fair hike in one day over 800kms, sorry to hear about your grandmother.. That big guitar looks huge, your bikes not exactly small and is dwarfed by it.. Keep the pics coming..
  19. DAY 2

    I had spent some of the previous night and this morning chatting with a guy by the name of Garry who once owned a goldwing, (or goldbrick as he called it) We came to the conclusion that life without regrets was important, that I should enjoy what I’m doing now, and where i'm going on this trip( like I needed convincing) as you can look back over all the things you could’ve done but now can’t thanks to buggered knees.

    He went for a shower that morning after I promised him I would go until he got back so he could hear the engine. In the meantime while I was packing a young kid, followed by his sister was telling me how his bicycle was like my motorbike, because they both had two wheels and a seat. His dad had given him a toy that attached to his bike that when he twisted it made a sound similar to a dirtbike, which he had to show off. I let him know he should hang around and listen to mine. Garry came back and I started the engine and we both had a laugh as we saw the two kids put their fingers in their ears as the noise echoed around the shelter.

    I headed south along the Putty road. Like all good roads it was ruined by a car driving under the speed limit, but at least the scenery was nice.

    I got to the start of Bells Line of road which was one of my favourites roads from my previous trip south. This time the weather had taken the joy away as it was foggy wet and cold, but at least I found that pie shop again (Pie in the Sky Roadhouse at Bilpin) It was too early for lunch, but I think good pie can be had at anytime.

    I continued on to Lithgow where I planned to stay the next two nights. However for the rest of this day I planned to go to Katoomba and go hiking. That was wishful thinking. I didn’t want to do the touristy stuff I just wanted to go hiking, but i could find a park for the bike, so I headed to back to Lithgow.

    DAY 3.

    I was up early to go to the Jenolan Caves. Coldest hour of the entire trip.
    Charlotte arch looking over the main road into Jenolan.
    Not a bike pick, but just incase you thoought it was a walk in tourist cave, i put this in. (it's not s selfie either despite where my arm is)

    Didn’t do much else besides caving today, except to take up my dad suggestion of taking the new bike to Bathurst and doing the Mt Panorama circuit a few times.
  20. My Nans funeral was held on Wednesday, and went as well as a funeral can go.

    DAY 4.

    The idea was to get to Tumbarumba today.

    The Lithgow valley Motel. Small room but only $50 a night.

    The weather was still wet as I backtracked along Bells Line of Road. I headed south from there through Sydney. I’d heard about Lawrence Hargrave drive and the seacliff bridge and that it was supposed to be a good drive.
    It was alright to see and ride it once, but I won’t be rushing back anytime soon to do it again.

    I headed inland towards Macquarie Pass. I thought at first this was alright but I couldn’t see the hype in the hairpins at first, it seemed like the Mt Glorious road NW of Brisbane. That was until I got to the actual hairpin turns near the top of the pass. No problem for the bike going up that steepness. Thankfully there were no trucks coming the other way.

    After this bit of fun I got the pleasure of spending the next few hours traveling the Hume Highway.
    I stopped off in Goulburn for fuel and lunch near the big Merino. Tried a pie from the bakery across the road. Can’t say I enjoyed the pepper steak pie, but the pepper gravy pie was OK.

    I thought spending the previous night in a motel would have meant I was rested and alert for today’s riding. But I found the Hume to be very fatiguing and boring so I found making a few more stops before I hit Gundagai.
    I only wanted to stop here to grab a pic of my bike near the two bridges like I had done with the previous bike.

    My pack looks more simple compared to my previous attempt.