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Great Ocean Ride DVD - now on YouTube courtesy VicRoads/VMAC

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jdkarmch, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Following a sugestion made at VMAC recently, by one of the motorcycle members (who shall remain nameless), Vic Roads have uploaded the Great Ocean Ride DVD onto YouTube.

    The GOR DVD was produced as part of a VMAC initiative and funded by the funds allocated from the TAC levy. Much of the content in the DVD was included at the direction of the VMAC Motorcycle members. The DVD has been widely distributed as a "give away" and many hundreds were given away in the VMAC Showbag at the recent Melbourne Motorcycle Expo.

    Some riders like the DVD, others don't - but the aim is to give hints and tips to riders who may be planning a trip down the GOR.

    You can view the videos here Note: the video is in 2 parts.

    From feedback submitted by riders it is planned to produce better versions in the future for regions/routes elswhere in Victoria.

    Here is the link to Part 1 of the GOR [media=youtube]H_YtT2PsFMc[/media]

    Here is the link to Part 2 of the GOR [media=youtube]7qipVmqXmAA[/media]
  2. Thanks for that. I watched most of the first one, but couldn't hear the sound as I'm in a public computer lab. Looks good though, lot's of riding shots; look forward to watching it properly.

    I organised a group ride down there last summer, and my at-the-time rather grumpy pessimistic old housemate, who is a nurse, and who doesn't ride (or do anything that involves living :)) was going on about the constant wave of ambulance choppers coming in from there during the summer. Certainly, you gotta worry when you're passing signs that remind people about which side of the road to drive on! :shock: I suffered one antaganistic driver - he clearly knew what he was doing because he kept looking at me with a smarmy grin - who got me worked up to the point that I was going to do something stupid in trying to get around him. When I realised this, I just pulled over at a beautiful look-out and took some time out. You've gotta get your head right if you're going to do that road at a time of day that includes the tourists. There are plenty who won't pull over no matter how slow they're going in the corners...but they will pull out in front of you, and put the foot down whenever you get the chance to pass. The majority of drivers were actually courteous, as is usually the case. It only takes a few.

  3. I've had cranky/smarmy drivers who tried to stop me from overtaking, and then start honking the horn and cracking the shits when I finally do, about 3 corners later, but 3 corners further on they're not even in sight, so why do I care?

    The biggest problem on the GOR simply is the other drivers.
  4. That's one reason for a bigger bike! I have to engage in a fair bit of strategy to overtake in the twisties on the SR500. (I was riding the Kwaka GT550 at the time, but that also required careful timing compared to a modern big bike.) Half the problem is that, even when you get to the straights, you know the cops might have hidden speed cameras set up.

    A dawn start to the GOR really is the best idea. Tourist drivers - the dopey killer!
  5. Thanks for the links, will hopefully make the pilgrimage one day to ride it...

    Sounds like the Old Pac Hwy up here - biggest problem is other riders/drivers...