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Great Ocean Rd - my 1st attempt

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Black Betty, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Decided it was about time for a change. Rather than heading east into the hills I love so well – took the challenge & headed out west for the weekend.

    It was going to be interesting – never ridden in heavy traffic on a freeway (why would I when the Black Spur is at my doorstep), or thro’ the tunnel (no big deal except for not being able to see with tinted visor & sunglasses on) or done such a long days riding.

    So, we left earlyish Saturday morning & headed over the Westgate where I was gently guided thro’ the traffic, onto Geelong & out towards the Great Road itself. Spectacular views it may have – but found concentrating on the road more than enough to take my attention. On top of that, the wind was giving me a bit of a hard time on the 250. The traffic wasn’t too bad as such, but at the next pit stop the word ‘splat’ got mentioned a couple of times – obviously my flirtatious behaviour with the white line on corners was not such a good thing! :shock:

    By the time we reached Apollo Bay were more than ready for a lunch break. Revived, headed off towards Port Campbell. Roads here were much more familiar to me – sweeping corners thro’ forest, so felt at home. After a leisurely stroll (& powernap thro’ the video :oops: ) at the Otway lighthouse we reached our destination with plenty of daylight to spare.

    Not-so-early next morning headed off again – this time zig zagging our way thro’ some back roads. Stopping to choose which way to go, I innocently pointed at a particular road thro’ a state park. ‘Looks interesting’ says me. Well – 16km of Gravel later – really soft sand & hunks of rock that is – we emerged the other side in one piece – thank fully. My only defence is I wasn’t in charge of the route we took & you asked! :eek:

    Next stop was the Air Walk. Have been on the one west of Hobart & this was just as good. Discussed the possibility of absailing off the 47m high tower, or using a flying fox to get back to the bikes, but did the right thing & kept to the walkway.

    Then homewards bound, skipping around Geelong & onto the freeway where some ‘person’ tried to cut me off by coming into a lane that was about to dissolve anyhow! & being tailgaited & having a truck put itself alongside me so I had to battle with its damn draft, but made it back just on dusk – very tired, but happy. :)

    750km & the ‘little’ bike never skipped a beat. Even when @ 80+km as I reached across with my left hand to adjust my right glove, accidentally hitting the kill switch! Took me a nano-second to realise what I’d done, turned it back on, not even a jerk – just kept running smoothly….

    I make no apologies to the 1000rr which got ignored at the service station whilst mine received praise from a fellow biker. :p

    And if you would like a critique of the fish ‘n chips along the way – just ask Matt…. :grin:

    the photos
  2. The mans unreprenting desire for Seafood baskets is a marvel :)
  3. Good to hear you went out adventuring into the other side bb
  4. Not a bad bit o road that, and yeah, I reckon Matty wouldn't have begrudged you the chance to sample the odd wee fishie or two.
  5. ....one of them days he'll turn into some deepfried lumps himself :LOL: :LOL: :p
    Thanks for the writeup Donna, sounds like a GREAT weekend !
    Saw the Koalas about halfway to the Lighthouse? They usually hang around the same cluster of gums, year in, year out..
  6. Route

    Saturday: Melbourne - Geelong - Torquay - Apollo Bay - Otway Lighthouse (oldest in Australia) - Laverhill - 12 Aposels - Port Campbell (overnight stay)

    Sunday: Port Campbell - The Arch - London Bridge - (should have stopped at the bay of martyrs the looked the most scenic of them all as wel bypassed the) - Bay of Islands - Peterborough - Timboon - Simpson - down and around to Carlisle Creek - poor communication resulted in 16km of Dirt to Gellibrand - Otway Fly Walk (lunch) - Lavers Hill - Apollo Bay - Skeens Creek - Barramunga - Forrest - Barwon Downs - Deans Marsh - Moriac - Batesford - Corio - Melbourne

    North of Batesford I was double checking the map while riding along, look up clear road, quickly check the map - look up again and there is no more sealed road only a deap corrogated dirt road which I enter at around 100km/h. Managed to keep everything together, look back and thankfully Donna has seen a warning sign that I missed and has entered the dirt at a bit more of a sedate pace. Another 500 metres down the road its sealed again.....stupid map!!!!

    Damn these dirt roads I only just got my bike washed at my last service, its another 4000km before my next wash.
  7. few photos have now been added :grin:
  8. Unfortunately they weren't there this time, Donna made note since they were depicted in some photos she saw.
  9. As you can see Pete from the sheer quantity of photos (15 but there does seem to be a few missing from the Otway Fly Walk) Donna was true to her commitment of being a shutter bug.
  10. It's a great little run that.

    If you ever get the chance you have to do it on a moon lit summers night about 3am. It's great to have the whole thing to yourself and be able to belt along in the cool ocean breeze.

    I tend to do it in a day from Melbourne but I don't come back via quite so scenic a route, just a run through the forests and onto the freeway home.

    Have to do the other Great Rd sometime. From what I've seen of photos the GAR may well beat the GOR.
  11. I was hoping to work in the Deans Marsh to Lorne run but couldn't work out a way to do it so it flowed plus we were already clocking up enough kays to not want to backtrack too much.
  12. hey - I'm also in charge of the editing :p :grin:
  13. I don't know that the Alpine Road is the equal of the Ocean Road - the GOR is consistently spectacular for hundreds of k's, culminating in the magnificent 12 Apostles and surrounded by the many brilliant side-tracks through the Otways.

    The Alpine Road provides mental views, but the best bit is only for a shortish percentage of the ride as you ascend the final bit of Hotham. The rest of it is nice, with a vaguely scandinavian feel coming from the architecture and whatnot. The road varies between rainforested-in twisties and typical gippsland valleys. Road quality's quite good, but the newly resurfaced wide bits of the GOR near Lorne beat it convincingly.

    It's also a fair bit further from the city - although you've got the Spurs and the Mansfield-Whitfield road on one side and the Noojee road on the other if you're prepared to sacrifice a bit of time for twisties.

    Don't get me wrong, it's an absolute corker of a trip, but I'd still be pointing my international guests toward the GOR if I wanted to really knock em dead. That road is magic, even if it is caravan city.
  14. Very nicely composed shots all of them ..............

    I can see the the time taken to have low horizons and paths leading the eye to the subject ,
    also forground interest , VERY NICE :grin:

    Cheers ratty

  15. Yer yer so she like to take the sniper type shot and I'm more a shot gun man (one of the 10 photos has to be presentable) :p
  16. The INFAMOUS Turton's Track. Avoid it at ALL COSTS - its not a question of IF you will stack it there, more just WHEN and HOW.
  17. That's 8, or is that 7, these days :wink:

    I've just had a project at Lavers Hill land on my desk so looks like I'll HAVE to do a site visit. Wonder which pool car I'll use, maybe the manager will let me use his leased Monaro for this one, somehow I don't think so, he's seen a few pics of my on track exploits :LOL:
  18. neato ride report, bb. And I agree with ratty, very well composed and thoughtful photography.
  19. P'ah, been through quite a few times, it's just a bit rough in a few spots. Lovely bit of forest, nice quiet road, it's all part of the fun. I'd say far more riders have tried and died on the GOroad than Turtons track, so which is the safer road??

    Still, it's all about whatever roads work for you, just don't let the dirt put you off too much. The great thing about a bit of dirt in an otherwise fully sealed road is it seems to keep the traffic down, thus leaving all the fun for the rest of us :grin:

    (Who remembers how much fun the Mansfield-Whitfied road was before it was fully sealed. Now, too much traffic, too many bikes trying too hard)