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great ocean rd blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blur1, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. channel 7 melbourne reported that the great ocean rd will be targeted by police 'commando style'!
    they are hiding in the scrub with cameras and laser guns and specifically targeting motorcyclists!

    looks like it's time to head to the spurs on the other side of town.

  2. Dont bother, they are crawling all over the Spurs as well.
  3. What do you do for a living Daddy,

    I slither out from under rocks and slime to book nasty bike riding criminals, Kids,

    You should be proud of me, I am an under cover Vic police officer,
  4. i guess there's no unsolved murders/missing children/robberies/druggies that they could be doing policing on?
    i'm glad my taxpayer money pays for them to bust big bad motorcyclists out cruising on a lovely rd minding their own business.:jerk:
  5. and they are fitting ANOTHER 100 mobile revenue raising devices to the clown cars before this xmas!
    woops, did i say that out loud?
    i meant cameras in their police cars.:-({|=
  6. I hope the only thing they catch are bolts of lightning and pneumonia.
  7. "theoretically" would it be illegal to sneak through the bushes and come up behind them and scare their tiny little balls off?
  8. if someone said there was a sale on strawberry donuts at lorne they'd all be in the one place at least!
  9. I don't know about the blitz but on cup day myself and 2 other netriders did the gor to apollo bay and back and 1 bike cop did a random check on us and was a top coppa explaining that at any given there are 9 marked/unmarked cop bikes patrolling the gor so to watch out. He also said as long as you don't speed and do anything silly like the p platers in cages you'll have no issues. The cop was very pro motorcycle and anti cage.

    Apart from the cops there were also 2 other speed camera cars operating too.
  10. pity bout the cops but they've picked a great weekend for it! :)
  11. Guess all those towns don't want our money.

    I wonder if anyone's let their councils know that?
  12. No. Just please make sure you have the reaction on video. :applause:
  13. for every action there is a reaction

  14. :-s

    How does going commando style (i.e. not wearing undies) help you catch crims?

  15. time to move countries i think.... or states.
  16. Also, there's 15 marked cars, 3 police helicopters, and 1 satellite in geosync orbit above the GOR, so if you so much as fart in a manner that offends their delicate nasal passages, they'll get you.
  17. Traffic cops are like that, anyway. It's easier than having to deal with real crooks, drunken thugs or drug affected yobbos who are beating up their wives/defactos and kids.
  18. Basically the cop told us as long as we stayed within the speed limits we could enjoy the roads otherwise could/would get caught. Other than telling us that he also gave us a 100% accurate road condition report for the next 100km and we were more than impressed as we encountered everything as he described.