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Great Mileage out of CB ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by greenrider, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Just thought Id let you all know that I had to turn my bikes fuel tank onto reserve for the first time. As I did I noticed I had done 405km since last fill. (I always zero trip meter). I then stopped at the next servo (by then it was reading 407kms) and I filled her up with 13.98liters so I assume that I have a 15 liter tank. I didnt think that was too bad milage considering that I do some stop/ start riding every day. Is this normal consumption for a CB250.


  2. Don't you mean 16 litre tank? :)

    And yeah, they pretty much run on an oily rag. :)
  3. 16L tank, 20 ponies, gotta be a good equation for fuel...
  4. sounds average if it is not revved high :grin:
  5. That was the sort of mileage that I used to get on the CB250RSIF

  6. And in about three days you'll be wishing you had more power :).
  7. good mileage = riding like a granny
    nothing wrong with being first away from da lights :p
  8. Could be 16 Liters ... not sure... havent seen the manual. The most Ive ever filled it was about 13 litres and I'd never hit reserve before.
  9. LOL ... Riding like Granny = Riding Cautiously = Learner rider.

    Would be first away from the lights if I got there first ... lol ... Havent tried the lane splitting thing yet!!
  10. You are aware the throttle is on the right?
  11. +1 Averaging 3.5L/100km on the '82 CB250RS along the highway (full throttle most of the time). And on a good day it'll even do 100 up the hills :eek: (with tail wind and car to in front to clear the way).
  12. Mine was a 2006 model CB250RSIF (Red So It's Faster)

  13. Its good to ride to your reserve every now and then, it stops water accumulating as badly in the fuel tank (especially if you live in a humid area)
  14. Didnt know that! Well now that I know where my reserve is likely to kick in I might do it more often. Also it helps knowing your tank capacity holds 16 litres and not 15 as previously thought!! So if I have two liters till empty after reserve then I should get about another 55 to 60kms having done 405km's on 14 litres, Does that sound right?.
  15. Put it this way, reset your clock each time you fill up, ride around until you hit reserve, when you hit reserve, go fill up. Put $20 aside and carry it around with you while you ride, so you can always fill up. When you fill up, check your km's, if they start to drop fast, then you also have a problem with your bike.
  16. [/quote]. And on a good day it'll even do 100 up the hills :eek: (with tail wind and car to in front to clear the way).[/quote]

    I dont have much trouble getting 100 outa mine on a fwy. Even had it up to 110 even thou it had to whind up to it. Wouldnt want to do any overtaking on it unless I was 110% certain that I had loads of time to do it. They're definately not a bike for pushing past their power band because there ain't nothing left after that. Fantastic however for commuting in town and local riding. Im thinking of keeping the CB as a second bike when its time to upgrade to somthing bigger just for the economy and the ease of commuting factor and leave the other for bike for fun. But then again (re think), that would have me with 6 regos to pay for annually :( three bikes and three cars ... thats not cool ... that hurts!! :cry:
  17. G'day everyone,.......

    I had a CB250 that did that sort of mileage,.....in fact it used to drag me up and down the pentland hills takeing me to work and back,....Gee I loved that bike!!
    Ran on the smell of an oily rag.
    I wonder what ever happend to my bike?
    I just hope she is being looked after by her new owner.
    I hope she get washed and polished like I used to clean her.

    Dr Who?
  18. I know mine is being well looked after. I see her and her new rider at least once every two weeks, sometimes more.

  19. I almost managed to get 400k's out of my bike today before I hit reserve...

    But I have a 23L tank. Pretty good range for a big bike.

    CB's are an amazing bike. It's impossible to get bad fuel economy. It's pretty impossible for anything to go wrong on that bike- ride it hard! The CB can teach you a lot about riding, very good choice for your first bike.
  20. Have you seen the size of the hills in tassie?
    Along the flat mine will easily make 110 (or 130 as it did today :shock: ) so long as i'm laying on the tank. I was suprised when i looked up the specs on my bike it actually has (or more to the point had - 25 years ago) more power than a 2007 CBF250, honda no longer putting their good engines in the CB's....