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Great looking dog,

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. I VOTED!!! So cute! :p
  2. I voted for him mearly because he looks like the dog currently appearing at my door with my 2 dogs tonight, no idea who's it is but it seems to enjoy my mutts and they haven't eaten him so he can play, gues at that size he can just walk in between the gate posts
  3. If it's trude that dogs grow to look like their owners - this one has a real problem. :p

    (He got my sympathy vote though) :LOL:
  4. Thank you Tony, I can always rely on you for your "suuport" ;)

    Thanks to those that have voted for King Wally ;)

    I was going to get him a jacket in the broncos colours with the number 6 on the back but he hated wearing jackets.

    He did look pretty cute as Superman and Batman but refused to wear them
  5. Voted.

    I should put Pearl up. Yes, Pearl. (My mother named her).

  6. Cheers.

    Pearl is very cute
  7. cheat :grin:
  8. Yes. Very cute. And doesn't she know it. Very mischievous - but so difficult to stay mad at that face. lol