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Great letter to useless lawyers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, May 24, 2006.

  1. A friend was involved in a car accident in April'ish, did everything in his power to do the right thing by sending off details etc and today, he sent this off to the other parties lawyers for obvious reasons once read.. :LOL:


    Dear useless scum of the Earth,

    You guys are shit. Terrible. Shocking. If I were employing you I would be asking for my money back. I've just received a letter threatening me that if I don't take action within 5 days, further complaints will be filed without my notice.

    I advised your client on the 06.04.2006 of the details you require. I also advised someone from your office of these details several weeks ago. Now you have the audacity to send ME threatening letters? Why don't you try to get YOUR act together and do YOUR job properly. I've tried to call you twice this morning, no answer. I tried to send you a fax and your line was engaged. As this is THE THIRD TIME I HAVE HAD TO GIVE YOU THESE DETAILS this email will suffice to be the last communication from me. If there are any problems after here, then it is NOT MY PROBLEM BUT YOURS and you can do whatever it takes to solve your own bloody fcukups.

    My insurance company is XXXXXX, their phone number is XXXXXX, my name is XXXXXX XXXXXX, my registration is XXX XXX, my shoe size is a 9, the policy number is XXXXXX, the claim number is XXXXXX. The excess was paid months ago (way back at the start of April WHEN I FIRST TOLD THESE DETAILS).

    I can't imagine that you will need anything more than that, so please, leave me alone and do your job right. Sounds like you're running Shonky and Incompetent Lawyers there.

    Sincerely (yes, I sincerely mean all of this vitriol, you people are poison, a plague upon the planet, I wouldn't use your face to wipe dogshit off my shoe)

  2. NICE... we should adapt that for politicans...
  3. What those a-holes charge is really criminal,how they can justify 60$-for sending a fax,and thats pretty much the cheapest item on the menu,is beyond me.
    They are souless paria,s and blight and scurge on decent hard working folk earning an honest living for realistic wages. :soapbox:
    Last speeding fine I had was a loss off licence,but there was extentuating circumstances,so I thought I would give it a go [-o< in court.
    My lawyer spent 1 hour approx with me week before hand taking details,on morning of case she turned up late,hungover :beer: to the max,and Im pretty sure stoned,all for the priveledge of relieving me of 770 bananas,and I had talked them down from 1200 to represent me,and they still did this to me!with my Bananas :bannanabutt:
  4. Lodge a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman.... I would....I obviously havent seen the letter you recieved, but it is generally a big non-no writing "threatening" letters if they have no basis.
  5. And send copies to the Law Institute of Victoria and the law firm itself.
  6. If your going to write to leagal people dogs or not always end it with :grin: without predjudice :grin:
  7. What's the difference between a solicitor/lawyer and a rat?

    There's some things a rat won't do!
  8. I'm lucky... my legal fee's have always been for freeeeeeee... Good friends! :wink:
    So Lawyers to me are generally alright but they love letters like that... My mate reckons he's drag your mate to court now... just for fun.

    End of the day matey... they love shitting people! :wink:

    Decent letter though.
  9. Sorry to disagree Z900, but thats not quite right.
    Without predjudice (usually used as a heading) just means that in some instances the letter cannot be used against you as proof of (for example) an offer of settlement. Generally most lawyers use it, often needlessly. The suggestion to cc the Law Institute is not a bad one, except that once the Ombudsman gets (her) claws into a matter, they have no involvement. And trust me, the firm would hear soon enough about the complaint. Its called a "please explain why you...." letter from the Ombudsman.