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Great (learner legal) track bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by christrails, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    I'm after a LAMS approved bike 250cc's (and over).

    I will be riding on the track 90% of the time for the first 2 or so years, I'll explain later on. But I will eventualy be riding on the road on the weekends for fun and I want to keep it for my whole L's and P's.

    I don't want to spend any more that $6,000 for the simple fact that it will be a track bike for most of its time with me so I don't want to be shitting myself if I bin it. Used is obviosuly a given unless there are some new bikes that can do the trick?

    I'm 5"11, 85kg (mostly muscle, don't know if that affects anything in terms of handling weight of bigger bikes), I'd prefer the bike to be a super sport but again if there is another bike that will do the trick than I'm open to options. I don't want a really heavy bike, I want a nice powerful bike.

    My thoughts have been around these bikes;

    Honda VFR400 / RVF400
    Honda CBR250RR
    Aprilia RS250? ( I don't think its road legal when I'm on my L's or P's but I'd deal with it being an only track bike if it is a weapon ) *Yes I have ridden a 250 2 banger before and they go like the clappers FYI.

    Minimum age of bike is 1990, anything lower and there needs to be a good reason for it to be considered.

    Also Off topic but even if I'm only riding it on the track do I still need to have a LAMS bike? IE If I was to get FOR EXAMPLE a gsxr600 and ride it on the track, would that be aloud or do I need to have a LAMS bike? Other wise include things you think that I can push to the limits, I currently ride a WR450F and I have tamed it (not that it's a busa or anything)


    This wont be happening till late January to early March but if I can start looking at bikes and looking for flaws and etc now it might even push me to buy one faster :D
  2. I reckon get a 400 if you can get one in your price range. Otherwise cbr250rr
  3. The RVF400 is a great bike
    another possibility is LAMS SV650, but If it was me I would get the RVF400
  4. rvf400 or RS250...

    the 4 stroke has the advantages of being road legal on lams and probably cheaper to run... but the rs250 is a track weapon.
  5. SV650's are pretty popular in the States as track bikes. RS250 isn't LAMS so can that idea.
    RVF400, don't know anything about them, but aren't they few and far between making it difficult to repair once you bin it?
  6. I am quite sure you can ride anything you want on the track, but obviously you will need a car with a tow bar and a bike trailer to transport the bike to and from the track
  7. for PI, you must hold a valid licence to do a track day. You can't be a learner..


    Some competition licences are allowed also but contact them to confirm.

    I did broadford with a suspended licence last year, their requirements are slightly different.
  8. They're a little rare but have a look at a Yamaha SZR660. LAMs legal but it's a TZR250 frame with the best suspension and brakes Yamaha could find (Paioli and Brembo). Engine's shared with the XT660.

    Horrible bike for the road due to the vibrations caused by holding a fixed speed. But it's as good or better than any 2-stroke 250 through corners, and offers a lot more torque (and slightly more power) with only a modest increase in weight (30kg more than a TZR250).
  9. Both rvf and rs250 are around 8 grand. neither are common. Have you thought about rs125?
  10. Weren't you looking for a sports bike to commute with in another thread, striples, FZ8's, 600RR's and the like? Are you a learner or on an open licence? Are you commuting or running at the track??
    You've got me confused.

    I was under the impression that a minimum of a P's licence was required for track days at eastern creek?
  11. I have a car and a trailer, so not a problem.

    Yeah I need my P's but it's 3 months.

    I'm not on full's.

    P's license is in 3 months :) which is when I'll buy it :D

    mm only downfall bout the rs250 is it isn't lams legal and that I couldn't ride it to and from the tracks (which I know it bad)
  12. i understand the concept of being mostly muscle - my penis is 27 inch's long...hence my understanding of muscle mass...i'm also not sure if it affects anything in terms of handling the weight but it makes it easy to check my petrol level whilst sitting on the bike....also good to kill off any STI's left over from the weekend.
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  13. RVF400 would be great if you can find one in your price range. VFR400 is do-able, however VFR400 is not LAMS approved as far as I know. They are also imported, making them more expensive and parts harder to find. So bear that in mind as well.

    In saying that, here is one on ebay at the moment for $6500...if it don't sell, haggle them down.
  14. Just buy your 600 for the track and your lams approved for the road. I see nothing but win win there :)
  15. Yeah just keep your WR450, and buy a cheap CBR600RR (or equivalent) for the track
  16. If I were you, I'd test ride a decent two-stroke 125 (Aprilia RS, Cagiva Mito). I've owned several larger sportsbikes, all good (FZR-400, TZR-250, GSXR-600) so despite having a solid basis for comparison I'm sticking with the 125 for the track for the time being.

    Cheap to buy, cheap to ensure, cheap to run, and cheap to repair (though Cagiva parts involve a bit of waiting). You can ride a 125 stroker pretty much flat out everywhere and not get into (too much) trouble ... 160km/h top speed but sounds and feels like a million miles an hour :)

    Two strokes are great fun :)
  17. So most of you are saying go with a 125 cc 2 banger, I weigh 80KG and don't want it to struggle too much :S

    The CBR250RR is cheap and I have ridden one and I like it :)
    I'm really pushing towards the CBR250RR so it can be ridden on the road if need be but I don't care, although it would be good for when I go for my P's.

    I have found a couple of them locally under $5K, I'm trying to bargin them down though. I know the issues with the bike and have fixed them on a mates XD
  18. Go the zxr...doesn't sound as much like a wet fart as the cbr250rr !

  19. If you are comfortable riding and working on a cbr250rr then thats what personally what I'd go for.
    They were $10,000 brand new in the 90's, so they definitely aren't/weren't so popular because they were cheap. The general concensus is that they were the best set up 4 cylinder 250 anyway.

    Go for it mate (Y)
  20. Just motard your dirt stick and track it aswell as commute. Save your coin and buy a dedicated track whore later when your skills have evolved.
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