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Great guys at Bike Mart/ & Boot Question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Whippet, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. I had my first big splurge at Bike Mart. I needed new boots, disc lock, ventura bag and bike cover. Before I could retrieve my netrider card from my pocket the kind salesperson offered me a discount without me having to feel cheap asking for one. I did ring around to get some prices from PS and was told that they don't do discounts. I know where my dollars will be spent from now on.

    I do however need to wear in my boots - I decided to go for a Rossi pair which are fine only I seem to have lost alot of feeling - particularly braking and changing gears. I usually ride to work in runners as I work close by but now I feel like Herman Munster :?

    Is this normal? Did I get the wrong boots?

  2. Yeah you'll loose some feeling. i had the same reaction when I got my first pair of bikie boots :)
    All the better to not feel the road with! :grin:
  3. No you haven't, you just need to get used to the different feel on gear changes and braking with a boot that offers you the protection you need.. It won't take long. :)
  4. Yeah that is a good point (not feeling the road) although that's what i'm more worried about. It's like i have two left feet. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    However I do feel an inch taller (standing) so there is an up side :grin:

  5. where is Bikemart if you dont mind me asking.
    In melb I generally buy from Peterstevens and I get a discount 5% but I really pushed them for it. Now I get it standard 8). Still expensive though.
    Generally I go to Sydney and buy most of my gear.
    Most of my helmets were from the Helmet warehouse and Jackets and boots and I'll get discount there too.
    I also buy from Action motorcycles can have some good deals.
  6. Bike Mart is in Ringwood - Maroondah Hwy. It's worth the ride for the 10% discount. They also have discount nights (as advertised here) where you can have 15% off. Look out for those nights.

  7. It won't take too long to get used to them and then you will wonder how you ever rode without them :grin:

    From another vertically challenged person to another, that is a plus :grin:
  8. Bikemart are great. Brian is awesome, Dean (Pnut) works there and is ok I suppose ;) and the rest of the team really know their stuff, are always willing to help and will spend the time required to make the sale. I only ever buy from elsewhere if it's something that they don't stock.
  9. I wear HardYakka boots when i ride and have no 'bikie boot' .I do too much walking i.e. uni and prob wear them (bikeie boots) out really quick.

    Are there any bike boots that can reokace the sole like on some MX boots? and how are MX boets to walk in?
  10. I've got a pair of "Setup" touring boots and the feel is awesome. I've got a pair of "Prexport" track boots, and the feel is good too.

    If the leather isn't in intimate contact with your foot, i.e. it's spacious around the bridge and toes, you will feel insulated and this is not necessarily a good thing.

    If it's just that you're not used to boots, then hang in there.

    Second the Bikemart pats on the back. :cool:

    If you're not happy with the boot and the boots are still as new, they should look after you.
  11. Rob, I really didn't know.... :p

    * Edited for effect....
  12. Ringwood? is that near the peterstevens or A1 motorcycles?
    im not really familiar with my areas
  13. Next door to A1
  14. :p @ CJ. Cheeky bugger!
  15. I have the exact same problem as you at the moment Whippet in regards to a lack of feeling for the levers.

    I made the swap from paper thin sneakers (just cruising around) and GP boots (serious rides) to a fully fledged pair of oxtar race boots. Not only are they as stiff as a Ron Jeremy on set but I can't feel anything through them anymore. Hello false neutrals!

    I think it just takes time to get used to them mate. This is my 3rd week and I am starting to get the hang of it. I certainly feel a lot safer when I have them on.