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Great evasive action from a 4WD

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by I'm Simon, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Lunchtime today I am in the left lane heading east over the Swan St bridge, a couple of cars ahead a guy in the right lane decides that he wants to go straight up Swan St at the last minute and cuts of an L plater.

    The L plate hits the skids a little too eagerly and stops...car in front of me slams on the anchors and I am then performing my first major e-brake in quite a long time. The bike gets squirmy underneath me and I am having a bit of a brown pants moment, all good as I manage to stop and stay upright about an inch off the bumper in front of me. It was at the precise moment that I hear the vehicle behind me fully locked up, everything seemed to be in slow motion as I check the right mirror and see smoke and a nissan badge bearing down on me...I think that my actual thought was "this is going to hurt". Just as I am about to shut my eyes the 4WD driver swerves into the right lane and misses me by centimetres.

    The bloke in the 4WD gets back into the left lane a couple of cars in front of me and heads up Swan St, with my heart thudding at 100mph, I manage to catch up with him as we are both turning left into Punt Rd. I pull up beside him and he winds the window down, I give him a thumbs up and call out "great work champ". He tells me that he had to swerve because he thought he was going to kill me, I told him that I thought that was the case too. We exchange pleasantries and both head on our seperate ways.

    It was then that I thanked god that it wasn't a soccer mum driving the kids in her Toorak tractor. Great work champ. =D> I would love to have bought you a beer.:beer:
  2. Loose cannon, I'm glad all's well!
  3. Brilliant work buy him.

    Hypothectical question to all;

    Would he have done the same if oncoming traffic was present?? I.e. risk a head on and possiably mild injuries to both (assuming low speeds in both lanes) or tail end the bike and guaranteed only injuries to the rider (and some smashed up cars)??

    Good to hear your vertical. :)
  4. That bridge is dangerous. It doesn't matter that there are signs for the past kilometer saying that the right lane goes to the tollway - almost every day I see people approach the traffic light, realise that they are being filtered off to Citylink, and try to change into the left lane at the last minute. They either cut somebody off (as happened in your case) or they stop in their tracks and wait for somebody to let them in, which of course causes the traffic behind them to bank up and miss the right turn arrow.

    That is the least favourite part of my commute. I feel your pain.
  5. I have in the past. it's a kill or maybe kill option, and before i had even thought of it i was in front of an astra. Thankfully we all stopped happily.
  6. Brownyy, the 4WD swerved into the second eastbound lane, I was in the far left eastbound lane so there was no danger of him having a head on, however, he could have easily swerved into another vehicle in that lane going in the same direction. Interesting question though.

    Zeenali, yep, I travel that route everyday and see the same.
  7. or.......

    ........the 4WD was four cars behind the incident and if he had been paying attention maybe there wouldn't have been any excitement at all

    BTW glad you're fine
  8. Do you go straight on down Swan St? We used to ride that way until I realised that we could turn right at that intersection and run along the Citylink feeder lane, then get off again at the Burnley St exit - just before the feeder lane joins the freeway proper. That way we re-join Swan St at Burnley and dodge all of the congestion around the Richmond station and Hoddle St. It is a nice, smooth run with no traffic lights.

    It does mean you get stuck behind the bozos who stop on the bridge and sit there with their left indicator on because they didn't actually want to be in the Citylink lane - they just wanted to push their way to the front of the Swan St traffic and cut in.
  9. My thoughts exactly. The 4WD driver managed to avoid - at the last minute and by the skin of his teeth - a bad situation which he himself created, and for that he deserves to be congratulated?

    Surely, if he was following at a safe distance and paying attention, then he should have had more than enough time to come to a complete stop, given that three vehicles in front had already done so.
  10. If I'm in a car (This is in Queensland) and someone has chosen the wrong lane and is stopped waiting for a gap and is bloking traffic, I usually wait for about 5 to 10 seconds then just sit on the horn without letting off it. Usually they end up moving off and going the direction the lane says they should...

    IMO it's their problem if they chose the wrong lane and if they do that they should just take an alternate route. On occasion when I'm in the wrong lane I just keep with it and it may take me a little out of the way but at least I'm not holding up traffic.

    I also do the same for people who block intersections.

    You're lucky though because (as said before) if he was a soccer mum you would be thinner than you are. Or much much shorter.
  11. I would be worried if he was a soccer mum, too...

    But jesus christ man close call!! fantastic reaction on his part and i would never have even seen that if i had been in your situation - too busy trying to not kill the person who nearly killed me (the cutter-offer-er).

    What a champ, glad you're all good.
  12. If I have to e brake, and thankfully have only had to do so once or twice thus far, I tend to aim for a gap between two cars rather than behind one in particular.

    Gives me a little more room/time to stop, gives the person behind me a little more room/time to stop.

    This is when the two cars in front have stopped or are stopping also, obviously... don't aim to e brake between two cars doing 80 odd km/h :)
  13. Mindbender, bear in mind that this happened in a matter of a couple of seconds, so for avoiding squashing me, yep, he deserves to be congratulated. I am sure my wife and kids would like to congratulate him too.

    I understand what you are saying with regards to stopping distance etc and maybe he was a little too close, I don't know, I was busy trying not to hit the car in front of me. Sometimes things happen quickly and unexpectedly and mistakes are made...I am just glad that this guy recovered from his mistake .