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Great days arn't meant to end like this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Haggismaen, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Ah well it was probably bound to happen sooner or later.

    Spent the night in Wollongong then rode up to Sydney via the Royal National Park (did it going south yesterday as well) with a mate. Great fun, apart from when you get stuck behind a 4WD pulling a caravan away from the small and few overtaking areas.

    Got home, walk in the door greeted by the news we will get some take-out for dinner. Awesome! I don't have to cook this day is getting better! Go and pick up the food, come back to the bike, forget to remove the disc lock...clunk...bike falls over.

    In my defense (to myself) I didn't actually drop it...I just forgot to remove the disc lock. I don't know what's worse :roll:.

    Anyhow the damage isn't bad, it just put more scratches where the previous owner already put scratches. However I did snap the front brake lever and the right footpeg off (just the peg, not the actual thing it is mounted on). I can't see any further damage but I will go over it with a fine-toothed comb tommorow when it's light.

    My question to you is thus; where would I be able to get a replacement footpeg from? Dealer? Wreckers? General bike shop?

    I see Bike Biz sells an universal adjustable front brake lever (a bonus because the original isn't adjustable) so I know I can get it from them for about $35, anyone know of anywhere better?

    You gotta laugh this sort of stuff off, easy to do when it's not that serious. Well I know what my next shopping list will be:

    1 x Front brake lever
    1 x Right foot peg
    1 x Disc lock reminder cable

  2. Oooo, bet your not the only one to do that!

    Brake lever.. get it new for that price.
    Foot peg, wreckers I guess.

    With the disk lock, mine came in a snazzy little fabric pouch with a velcro loop, I just velcro the loop around the right bar, cant take off without noticing somethings not right :grin:
  3. Doh! A Homer moment...... glad I'm not the only one ..... mine cost me $12.80 for a clutch lever, plus scarred fairings that I will leave until later.
  4. jeez, Nobby, for a quick moment I thought you had written a Hornet moment.

    Yes, it's good to see that it's not just us older riders who need to remind ourselves of the presence of the disc lock.
  5. Bugger! I nearly did it once. Fortunately where the bike was parked I had to back it out. When it wouldn't roll backwards I twigged - so no damage, after that I attached a piece of venetian blind cord to the lock and wrapped it around the grip. Now I have Xena alarmed disclock which means if the bike is moved even a tiny bit the lock emits a piercing shrieking horrible noise and I do mean piercing. The only drawback is I would probably drop the bike in sheer fright but it hasn't happened yet.
  6. Did you put the disklock on whilst you waited for take-away to be cooked?

    Who bothers with disklocks these days?
    I'm curious
  7. Use mine all the time. Sure, if someone really wants to steal the bike, then they will be able to. But it will make the bike less attractive to purely opportunistic thieves. Little bit of peace of mind as well.
  8. the only time my bike has fallen over (and me not being projected off it at 40km/h) was when i was moving it. i was walking it somewhere beside it and i got on some uneven ground and the bike fell away from me. so no place to anchor my feet and pull it back up so i was pretty much standing straight trying to lean back just a tad gripping onto whatever could grab in 1 second.

    lucky the weights sessions came in handy and i managed to straighten in up.
  9. Geez mate, thats not good! Try the wreckers for both parts. I drove down your street today looking for the VTR couldn't see it. Make sure you get a cable reminder, $5 at most
  10. Anything to make it harder for thieves to take off on your pride and joy- it won't stop the professionals, but it will make others think twice :)
  11. A decent bike alarm is not too expensive...not to mention a bit more convenient for people like me who would forget to remove a disc lock...
  12. Cable reminder?

    Man, seriously. Grab a cable tie, feed it back into itself and putt tight, leave a little loop big enough to take a runnber band. Trim off excess cable tie leaving about 15 mm and feed rubber band through hole.

    Every time you pull out your disklock, the cable tie is attached to your lock via the rubber band, place cable tie in key barrel when lock is on bike. Simple and about $0.000000002 cents a unit :grin:

  13. Or an Ocky strap(watch the eyes though). Hook one end of the ocky strap through the holes in the disc rotor, run it over the top of the throttle grip and then back down to the disc rotor. Also comes in handy for other things when it isn't reminding you.
  14. yeah but can you get the lacka band in a groovy flouro colour

    Cheers :cool:
  15. I have had a similar exprience with bits and pieces yesterday.

    OEM Brake Lever (Honda) $108.00 plus extra for a new rubber, plus a new pin plus ,plus.

    Wrecker Part (If you can find) $50.00 - Great! 50% off!!!

    Real Value - About $25-$30

    Fairing pieces and repairs - Now that's something else... A disk lock IS good but put one of those fluro cables on that others are recommending.

    Hmmmm, maybe I should share my silly experience as well....
  16. I'm with Vic, I bought a disc lock when I got my bike and haven't even used it yet. For the few minutes the bike is out of site at the shopping centre, when there are people everywhere anyway, why bother? Keys out, steering lock on, walk away.
    Mind you I may have a different outlook when I have a bike I actually like riding (I'm working on that now).