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Great Car Stunt (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. And the award for the craziest bastard alive (I assume still?) goes to ... :grin:
  2. arab drift will never cease to entertain
  3. Hey! Car wheelie!

    Anyone else seen that amazing video where the arab guys are fanging a couple of statesmans about and spinning them 360 degrees one way then the other?

    That goes down as my favourite car video, fo sheezy.
  4. Holy crap! Thats car control!

    Extremely crazy, but nicely done.

    At that speed, there'd be a very fine line between getting it up on two wheels like he did and flipping it over (and over and over) into the desert.

  5. The guy should just buy himself a decent motorbike if he wants to travel on two wheels. :p
  6. Anyone else here remember the French Hell Drivers, from the early '70s?

    They had a LHD LJ Torana, and once it was on 2 wheels the passenger would climb out the side window, stand on the car (one foot on the lower edge of the window opening, the other on the corner of the roof) and read a newspaper.
  7. I must admit I do mate

    Cheers :cool: