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Great car (smash) repairers in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Cat with fleas, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. At no fault of my own I had my first car accident today. No injuries sustained, just damage to the car. Initially the shock I felt was the accident THEN I found out it was a ~government~ car *freak out* but, thankfully the dude admitted fault so all repairs will be paid by said dude and dude's work.

    All I have to do is arrange a quote (or few) for my cars repairs. I can't open the bonnet and see under it but everything (motorwise) seems to work, mostly looks cosmetic. But hey, I'm no mechanic.

    Just thought I'd hit up some Brissy netriders and see if they have suggestions or know great guys that would be good to give me quotes or get my car fixed through. It's a Toyota corolla seca '94 if it's any help.
  2. if you feel like a travel, BCM smash repairs on Ipswich Rd Moorooka are fantastic. used them twice and have sent friends there with great results. If paying yourself, they are known to be expensive. but when its not your money they are great ;) only bad thing i could say is, they do take a while from being so busy. when they say 2 weeks till getting your car back, allow 3 to 3 and 1/2.

    hope you are ok after the crash cat. make sure you get yourself checked out if you haven't already. sometimes things take a little while to appear and you can never be to careful.

    BCM Body Repairs
    Ipswich Rd Moorooka 4105
    Ph:- 3848 3497
  3. Cheers for the recommendation!

    Thanks also for the concern! I haven't felt the need to get myself checked out because it was a fairly slow impact (barely in second gear). Any muscle soreness I'm feeling now in my arms and upper back I'm certian is actually from a rather challenging rock-climbing session the night before the crash. I've definately taken harder hits on the trial bike (running into trees, tree stumps etc) and come up good. That and my boyfriend has the same soreness in the same area and wasn't in the crash with me but went climbing with me.
  4. good to hear you came out of it ok then cat :)
    maybe use the opportunity to get a sympathy massage out of the bf. just in case ya know ;) :cool:
  5. Thanks agin for putting me onto BCM! The lady I spoke to gave me the run down on everything and was very helpful. Although it was probably the millionth time she'd explained it that day, she didn't act like it.

    However as I was told to get more than one quote I got a quickie quote from a friends contact and have been told it's a write off. So to save Allianze the cost of towing my car to Moorooka I'm going with that original quote.

    It's a sad day for all. It wasn't a performance car or anything but, it was my best mates folks car and I have 4 mates who learnt how to drive in it. R.I.P. Beastie
  6. no probs :cool:

    sorry to hear your beastie is now forcibly retired :( now its time to fall in love with a new one though :)