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Great article on the Ural factory in Russia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Jan 7, 2012.

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  2. Good read & a nice piece of machinery.
    A fella at work has one. Shame he missed out on coming to the "Ride to the sea" recently.
    Cheers MV.
  3. Aren't these the ones the chinese still use today, that they got from the ruskies, who got them from BMW in 1940?

    bmw r71
  4. A very interesting read....kind of makes you realise how good we've got it over here eh.

    I've been in a side car on the side of an original Honda Goldwing when the rider decided to scare the crap outa me and lift up the sidecar wheel while doing 80 along a busy road.....He succeeded!!:shock:

    The Ural would be an interesting ride but I don't reckon I'll trade my wee-strom on one in the near future lol


  5. Covered in the article ;)

    Edit: Sorry, not the Chinese link, I think they are a copy of the BMW, yes.

  6. No
    Happy to unhelp :)
  7. Why would you want to eliminate orgasms Smee? :grin:

    Oh wait, I may have read that wrong...
  8. Interesting read.

    Cheers MV

  9. [/QUOTE]
    I don't think the Chinese are still producing new ones but there is an abundance of old ones as well as lots of businesses refurbishing and selling them. They are called Chang Jiang Sidecars and here is a pic of me driving one in Shanghai earlier this year.
    After paying about $100.00 for a temporary chinese licence, a quick spin round the block to familiarise myself with it, my wife and I got to take it out for a full day in Shanghai.
    It topped out at about 60k's which is plenty fast enough for Shanghai traffic, it had crap brakes and felt like a tractor. The thing I liked the best was the reverse gear.

    Sorry, having trouble uploading the photo but the following is the link to the place I hired it from


  10. Oh ffs did you read the rest of my post or concentrate on just the no?????
    It was meant to be read in context ](*,)
  11. I come here to read/chat about motorcycles and motorcycling. I don't come here to be abused by rude pricks like you. I'm sorry that I didn't read your post in context but there is absolutely no reason for you to respond in the manner you did.
    In no way did I say you were wrong, I just asked why no? I wasn't abusive about it and there is no need for you to be.
  12. urals are pretty cool, but also a bit lame at the same time, i got a good look over one at kulnara servo once.

    i actually like the look of the bikes, the one i got to look at was army spec style (probably why i think they are lame, there is something inherently strange about driving around in a military vehicle for a non military purpose, seems a bit WW2/model maker enthusiast to me) and it looked pretty cool, it even had brembo brakes. If i was buying one i would want them to remove the sidecar, sorry but sidecars are dumb.
  13. My avatar applies to the humour impaired.
    Make of it what you will as you do seem impaired.
  14. Good read, cheers op
  15. I don't 'get' the sidecar business either - if I want a wide track vehicle that doesn't lean, there's nothing wrong with a car. But it's not as simple as just removing the sidecar - apparently the bike is designed to work with the sidecar and in fact isn't much good for anything without it.

    However, Ural now also make what they call solo model (ie, regular motorcycle). It is sold in the US but it doesn't look like our importers added it to their line-up, nor do I know if they ever will. Because it is actually quite a different bike, they'd probably have to go through another song and dance getting it ADR approved - our stupid, stupid rules!
  16. The pillion would get 'milk crate arse' if on the back of that!
    Ps don't think Smee got what he wanted for Chrissy.....
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  17. MV, you used "great" and "Ural" in the same sentence. Are you allowed to do that?

    Sorry, PatB :LOL:

    The first thing you see when you see a Ural is a BMW. But the longer you look, the more and more little differences you see in the arrangement of the motor and it's attachements.

    To a BMW owner makes then look weird/quirky. Then you settle down to think of them affectionately as part of the family but different. Sort of like a cousin with special needs.
  18. There was a very funny article on Ural. It dates back to 2005 and I understand quality of assembly and of individual components has improved a lot since then. Still, it is funny and I think it is fundamentally on the mark about the whole sidecar thing... You can read the whole thing here, but I pasted the funniest part below:

    "Compared with walking and carrying a heavy machine gun on your back, the R71 was a big improvement. It soon became the Russian jeep, with drive to the sidecar being taken from the rear wheel of the bike. The outfit could carry a heavy machine gun, plus two men and their rations, in the harshest terrain. Its light weight, compared with a truck, meant that the outfit could be dragged through bogs and hauled up cliff faces - and it had the added benefit of being a small target for German tourists armed with 88mm anti-tank weapons. So the legend of the macho, go anywhere, catch-bullets-in-my-carburetor-and-eat-them sidecar outfit began.

    Sixty years later, this myth needs viewing objectively. The all conquering Ural war hero belongs to the same age as when carcinogenic DDT was considered a good fix for delousing submariners' genital areas and being trapped in a burning bomber was a mere occupational inconvenience. Things have moved on.

    However, ride an Ural and you can still experience living proof of why the Soviet Union collapsed. The twin cylinder boxer engine produces an insipid 33 bhp - but feels less. Top speed is claimed to be 65mph but you would have to be receiving sympathetic psychiatric care to even consider riding the thing at this speed.
    The four speed - and reverse - gearbox clonks and crashes like Irania the war heroine engaging the drive on her T34 tank, whilst the brakes provide little more than token retardation. In short, no part of the motorcycle functions in anything like a reasonable manner.

    Strangely, it is not the mediocre performance, or appalling reliability, which takes the Ural to the very top of the worst motorcycle ever chart. Rather, it is the militant lack of care with which the bikes are built. Brackets don't fit, welds would disgrace a 16 year old in his first week at Tech College and electrical wires dangle anywhere and everywhere. Paint looks as if it has been applied by a loose bowelled pigeon's bottom. This is not a question of an old design or poor equipment, but more the ultimate manifestation of the couldn't-care-less culture.

    Still, there is one fact even more amazing than all the Ural's faults put together; customers in the West still buy the things. Importers come and go but a loyal band of masochistic fanatics purchase Urals and produce paeans of praise lauding the bikes' manly qualities and unique personalities. Web blogs are posted eulogizing the Ural's ability to carry three rocket propelled grenades, an anti-tank missile, and a spare box of ammo for the machine gun - virtues which should clearly rate highly on every thinking motorcyclist's mind.

    Not unlike ritual public castration, bubonic plague and burning at the stake for reading a bible translated into English, riding an Ural is an unforgettable experience which every motorcyclist should try once. Then, go home and be deeply thankful that Japan never became a Soviet colony."
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  19. Probably not... :)