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Great Alpine some time in March

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by resurrection, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. A rider training team from SA is putting together a "Hat Trick ride"
    over a week in March.
    First track is Macnamara Park in Mt Gambier, followed by Broadford two days later then Winton :grin: :grin: :grin:

    So all that means I'll be in Vic sometime in March, and dependent on my bikes' and my own fitness after three flat out days, my intention is to stay around in Vic and sample some of your very best roads.

    I dips me lid to Lil here 'cos I've just read her post giving the lowdown on listed rides from the HEMA Motorcycling Atlas and decided that I need to ride from Bright to Bruthen and Murray River Road.

    So I reckon I'll stay in Bright one or two nights then move on to Wodonga for a couple more nights.

    I'll be carting the bike around in a van 'cos a GSXR ain't no tourer.

    Any advice on suitable accomodation (cabins preferred) would be most welcome (as would some company)

    Will advise on firm dates as soon as I know.

  2. The Bright Caravan Park was very clean and had a nice tent area next to the creek that runs through the site. The Omeo Caravan Park has recently been taken over and has three cabins in a nice quiet part of town. The cabin at Omeo was $90 for a 2 bedroom cabin with linen and a kitchenette. There was a double bed and two bunks. Only thing was no undercover bike parking, but very friendly owners. Patch of grass at Bright was about $20 for the two of us. Clean bathrooms and an easy walk to the main street (next block over).

    The Tintaldra pub is also a very bike friendly place with reasonable accomodation if you are up on the Murray Valley Road.

    HTH :grin:
  3. Hi Gaeme,
    We stayed in the Mt Beauty Holiday Centre and Caravan Park. I'm happy to reccommend it. An austour.com group stayed next door.

    A full ride report here. http://p220.ezboard.com/fgtr1000frm12.showMessage?topicID=73.topic

    Champions are running consecitive ride days next this weekend at Broadford on Saturday and Winton on Sunday. Perhaps they would have something to suit you next year too?

    I noticed you're coming to grips with the new GSX-R. And Shin seems happy with his ZX-10R too.

  4. You need to be keeping an eye on the bushfire situation when you get closer as the Great Alpine Rd and a few others up that way have been known to be closed by fires.

    Ask for an update on here when we get closer to March.
  5. Also, leading on from pvda's post....when Jay and I were speaking to a Bullioh local, he made comment that stock is likely to be grazing on Highway/road verges as there is stuff all feed due to lack of water. It was *very* dry up there in October and isn't likely to improve any time soon :? :(
  6. If I can arrange the time I might come out for a day or 2 with you graeme.
    As you have witnessed, no trip is quite the same unless you have been stookied.
    I will take somebody elses bike so you wont have to worry about tyres/reg-rectifiers/dropping it/buckled wheels.

    Give me a shout closer to the time and i see where im at with some time off.


    My bikes been in the mechanics since i got home from SA.......Bummer
  7. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners&BusinessType=Accomodation

    Trapdoor Ski Club @ the top of Mt. Hotham is a Netrider Discount Partner and I can personally recommend them. They place is awesome for riders, and slap-bang in the middle of "gods country"! Perfect overnighter for a weekend rounds trip, or as a base for several days riding in the area.