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great alpine road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by yamahawk, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. well, I made it back not unscathed.I had a minor off comin down into mansfield from tolmie.very ordinary conditions saw me just stroking along until 20 km from mansfield. just a little fast into a down hill left and I knew I would not make it. stood it up and went straight on into what was one of the very few run off areas. almost stopped, I nudged a dirt embankment at 45 deg and down I went. very disappointed as it was such a small mistake but could have been a whole lot worse. anyone who knows the road ,knows what I mean.the damage was minimal really.the most difficult thing being that my wife(hillbilly) said to me before I left ,"don't damage it cos when you get back,the bike is mine"a few cracks and scratches but minimal. se la ve! it was a great ride over hotham was fabulous. 1026 km later, it bourbon o'clock

  2. by the way.I was a vfr 750.awsome bike for that type of trip. Glad I left the precious R1 at home.
  3. Great road isn't it. Glad you are OK from off. Have a bourbon for me. :)
  4. The thing is if he damages this bike, he still has another one to ride :mad: At least the damage was just cosmetic. Could have been worse. :? And at least he didn't hurt himself. :)
  5. I think I know the exact corner you speak of. You didn't notice the warning sign before the corner? (erected due to the efforts of one of the netriders here)
    If you want to see something really scary, just sit there for a while on a nice sunny day & watch all the bikes run wide/off down the gravel :shock: :shock: :shock:

    PS I could have the completely wrong corner in mind so don't take offence if this is the case :)
  6. I remember when I took the TLR through there, the section that goes from VIC to NSW.. Full yoshi system, umm and other mods made the TLR loud :)

    That coming off the steep rock walls on either side of the road was an awesome thing to listen too :)
  7. I was up around that way earlier this year (start of winter actually) and most of the signs are gone due to the bushfires in the area. They were starting to replace some as I was coming home, alas they parked themselves in such a spot that their truck was more a hazard than the corner ever was..