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Great Alpine Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ridden the Great Alpine Rd in the last week or two?
    If so, what's the road like post fires? Any gravel or other hazards etc?
    I've been invited up to Wangaratta next weekend and tossing up between the cage with music, A/C and relative comfort and the RF with the grin factor.
    Any advice appreciated. :)

    Mods, please move if appropriate.
  2. Did flowerdale,whitfeild to bright then over hotham and beyond roads were pretty good :grin:
  3. Did the whole road over the long weekend...... Bairnsdale to Wangarrata. Road is very good considering the fires of recent times. There is certainly alot of burnt out scrub!
  4. Did you see a couple of fools on Postie bikes?
    We did a few sections of it over the weekend, + Dargo, Bairnsdale, Omeo etc. etc, 'all good.
    We only found a couple of roads that were closed, and the best twisties by far were the sealed sections of the Omeo Highway south of Mitta Mitta

  5. Yeah cool. I was just worried about hooking into a corner and finding fresh gravel across the road where the road may have not stood up to fires or fire traffic. I could always just observe the signs I guess! :LOL:
  6. No way! was that you! You past our group on the side of the road somewhere (Did so many km's on the weekend ive forgot what was where) then you doubled back past us not long after we took off again. I actually remember saying to the guys i was with ''did you see those mad buggers on the postie bikes!''.......hahahaha. I was on my harley and the other bikes i was with included a hayabusa, blackbird, maroon coulored BMW, a blue hornet and a Suzuki DRZ250 trail bike. It might have been around Mt Beauty i saw you....cant really remember that well though

  7. Were you the mob we saw at Lake Dartmouth, and then again at the Tawonga pub? I remember harleys and a blue sportsbike, and someone had a kid on the back I think.
    We did 700 km around the area, and drove 700km return to get there, 'good fun. :wink:

    2wheelsagain, sorry for the slight hijack.
  8. Its cool. One big happy family.......... :grin: