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Great Alpine Rd - Direction?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Masakali, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Just wondering which direction everyone enjoys and recommends as better?

    I have always gone Bright -> Hotham -> Omeo, but have never been the other way, so wondering if anyone finds it better, or significantly different.

    If I'm also doing a loop starting and ending in Bright, I go anti-clockwise Hotham, Falls, Tawonga. Once again, same question.
  2. Bright to Hotham to Omeo I've only ever done it in that direction, four times now :) I reckon that's the best way to do it, as it's really tight from Harrietville to Hotham which you can attack to some extent in the uphill direction, and then from Hotham to Omeo is more open sweepy so you can attack even though it's a descent.

    Going in the other direction, I'm thinking you could go hard from Omeo up to Hotham, but the descent to Harrietville would be prolly be too tight to have a go on.

    Mt Beauty to Falls is really good in both directions.

    Bogong High Plains Rd I find much easier and more enjoyable in the Anglers Rest to Falls direction (mostly uphill riding). There are some sketchy off camber steep downhill right handers in the Falls - Anglers Rest direction which I would not fancy at all if it was cold and wet.

    Anglers Rest to Omeo I found much more enjoyable in that direction. All those 25km hairpins are much easier to attack as lefties for me.

    If you are in Omeo the ride from Omeo down to Bruthen is really good in both directions, but my favourite is heading south.

    Fantastic riding around there.
  3. Check for road closure before you go.

    I just completed a 3-day 4wd Event that started on Friday from the Great Alpine Road. We were the only group of cars allowed to go through the road closure from the Mt. Hotham entrance...only because the event had a permit approved many months ago.

    From the Mt. Hotham website: -

    Works Alert - 1 November 2013 Reduced Access to Great Alpine Road VicRoads advises that access to sections of the Great Alpine Road will be reduced at various times from Monday 11 November until Friday 20 December to enable the safe removal of dead and dangerous bushfire damaged trees. These works are a continuation of the tree removal works that were undertaken prior to the 2013 snow season. It is essential for VicRoads to remove these hazardous fire damaged trees from the roadside as soon as possible as they present a potential road safety hazard.

    From Monday 11 November until early December, the Great Alpine Road will be closed to traffic between Harrietville and Dargo High Plains Road between 8.00am & 1.00pm and 2.00pm & 5.00pm on weekdays to enable tree removal from within 10 metres of the roadside.

    - See more at: http://www.mthotham.com.au/news/latest/MTH_News_16-October-13_16466.asp#sthash.JUacYTm0.dpuf
  4. Agree, that's why I've avoided it.

    Interesting. I've only ever done it Omeo to Anglers and I didn't fancy doing to the other way. But thinking about it, the drop-off would be on your inside and it's pretty rare to oversteer on a bike.

    In regard to the OPs question, the only part of the GAR that's tougher going east-west is the last 5 ks coming downhill into Harrietville, (and the last corner in particular).
  5. Thanks guys, some good discussions, I have always done it Bright -> Omeo, on bike, in a car for as long as i remember, I haven't figured out why, but I guess it might be because I want to tackle the EJ road fresh, by the time I get to Bairnsdale I just want to sleep.

    This is what I think too, its good to have it confirmed that its just not in my head.

    I also do the hotham/falls loop anti-clockwise as in my mind, its a giant left turn and therefore cambers better going that way, but that is massively flawed logic, lol.

    One day I'll do it all opposite!

    Agree, I'm pretty sure there was some perfectly banked sweepers when I was up there last week.