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Greasy gunk around sidestand

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Tildette, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    Details first:
    2011 YZF-R15 ridden only ~400km.

    Right now I have my bike up on the rearstand as I was giving the chain a lube, then as I got out a cloth to give the bike a clean I got to around the sidestand and noticed heeeeaps of greasy gunk trickling down it. I checked above the start of the sidestand and it's all just sitting on a solid surface above it and slowwwwly trickling down. Anyone else have this?

    I lube the chain roughly every two weeks. Would it be excess chain lube? If so, why is it so thick? It's like swirling my fingers around in not-so-delicious kinda-melted chocolate. And why is all the caked up crap not making a mess running all the way from the chain to the sidestand? It's just in a big spot above and down the stand. And yeah, if it's the lube, could an investment in different lube be an idea? I currently use Motul's Road Chain Lube.

    I haven't had the bike that long. Is this going to be some ongoing thing I'll have to clean out? Not that I'm sure how to even clean in where it's coming from (tips? Products that might help remove it without damaging all the other surfaces around there?). Could I also clean the chain itself with my chain degreaser and grunge brush much more often or is that pointless?

    Thanks in advance.

    Be gentle, I'm still a :newb: ... :)
  2. Same thing happened the last time i cleaned/lubed the chain and forgot to wipe the excess off... Plus i probably was too generous with the lube. Using motul road too.

    Coming from near the front sprocket area?
  3. Use a citrus degreaser as it removes the excess gunk and not the grease that's in amongst the links of the chain. Many people do the usual and take out the WD40 from their dads shed and use that but it is kero based and will remove the grease that's in amongst the chain links and it will dry out your chain and make it rust quicker. Also better quality chains have o rings on the links and kero based products can eat away at them.
  4. WD40 is hexane based, not kero based.
    Kerosene is the most widely recommended chain cleaner I've heard of and it has good enough lubricating properties which helps if you are a bit slack with your chain lube.
  5. You have no business giving this advice. Kero is fine, WD40 can be an issue if you soak your chain in it for a week, or don't use a good penetrating lube like motul road afterwards.

    This kind of topic has been covered many many times.

    CBF'd responding in detail on tapatalk. Do a search.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  6. Point taken.
  7. I've used kerosene to clean the chain for as long as I can remember, but I've also used motul chain lube as a follow-up once the chain was cleaned of all the gunk and crap - no point lubing a dirty chain, just adds to the problem imo.

    Something I came across myself a couple of years back, a short term controlled comparison on various fluids used on o-rings.

    Basically, kerosene and WD40 showed negligible effects on o-rings, meaning that they were safe to use on chains with o-rings for cleaning..

    source: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=345397

    As the above page will show, short term exposure to kero or WD40 will not cause any negative effects on the chains or o-rings, provided that proper lubrication is applied to the chain/rings afterwards

    Have a squizz through the other pages, Page three shows where the o-rings are on the chain, if you were curious. Not sure about you, but I lube the links of the chain, and not the sides (ie spray from the rear of the bike onto the chain whilst rotating the rear upwards, so the lube trickles downwards)

    I had bought motul chain cleaner once, complete with nozzle and straw to spray the stuff onto the chain to clean it.. Only bought it once because 1. it was expensive, and 2. didn't clean the chain as well as I wanted.

    I pour kero into a jar, dip a toothbrush in it, then clean the chains with it. Newspaper inserted between the bike / wheel and chain to prevent overspray from either flicks of kero or chain lube spray. Out of habit, I use an old rag to wipe the chain after applying kero, leave it while I inspect the tyres for damage, debris etc. Then return to the chain with a blast of motul.

    Kero is amazing at degreasing crap, and it dries/evaporates pretty fast, and dirt cheap from bunnings, coles, 2 dollar shops even (though I get mine from bunnings cause its close)

    The reason you're probs getting the thick build up is you're lubing, but not cleaning. Lube is sticky - it's supposed to be, and spraying it over your last lube without removing the crap that it's collected is just making it worse.
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  8. wow, clealy took too long in writing my reply.. 3 posts since I started replying :grin:

    Oh and I also perform the chain maintenance after a ride, while the chains are warm/hot, and never before.. just a personal preference.. To me, I reckon if I spray it on before I ride, it's just going to flick all over the place, and it doesn't have time to settle and do its job - lubricate my chain.
  9. Ok the information i had was wrong obviously. Thanks for the correction. I will not shy away from WD40 or Kero and i will check out those pages as advised.
  10. Get a Scottoiler and never need to touch your chain again.

    The DR's is still less than about half worn at 48,000 km and I've never cleaned it or applied any additional lube. It gets adjusted when I change a tyre or fix a puncture (about 5 times so far, although it hasn't necessarily needed tweaking even then, so maybe 3-4 actual adjustments).

    That's a big single which gets ridden in a fairly on-off kind of manner.
  11. No harm done, at least now you know WD40's secret formula really does rival that of your 11 secret herbs n spices :grin:
  12. Maybe it actually is one of those 11???
  13. No probs. You'll find that some of us come out clear and heavy on misguided advice that noobs will take up - especially when it's given in a factual tone. Kudos for the response.

    Archaeon, there's another thread on some other forum I believe, that shows the long term exposure effects of WD40 on nitrile O-rings. It showed some wear and swelling. But O-ring damage isn't the highest issue with WD40. A long soak may allow capillary action to get some WD40 behind the O-ring, which will start to dilute the all important factory sealed lube. If you start to dilute this lube, you end up with permanent chain damage.

    Tildette, the gunk you're seeing is chain fling. Try and use less lube, a little bit of lube goes a long way, and try to use it when the chain is warm (as mentioned earlier), this will make sure lube soaks in and the lighter fractions weather off. If you're lubing just before you go for a ride, fling off is almost guaranteed.
  14. WD40's also too expensive imo hahaha... man i'm cheap :LOL: nice to know it will eventually cause damage if soaking chains with it though. Mental note not to forget about chains if ever cleaning chain with WD40..

    Scary thought.. picturing KFC sprayin' WD40 on their chicken... :eek:hno: