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Grease on Tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Picked up my VTR250 on the weekend and i am stoked however the previous owner was a bit to liberal with the chain grease and it is on the back tyre.

    What is the best stuff to use in order to remove it?

  2. Perhaps a degreaser such as some citrus based ones, or perhaps even just dish washing liquid. Something that won't own the rubber tires :p.

    Then wash off thoroughly with water.
  3. Kero and a rag all over your wheels, brings them up a treat also good for removing oil/grease from tyres.
  4. thanks!
  5. no offence, i woldnt be using Kero on the tyre itself. Kero is oil based.. Kero is great on your rims and that is what I use to clean my wheel or Mr Sheen for when i can be bothered.

    With Chain Lube on the tyre, I dont worry about it, just ride and take it easy, general riding will take the chain lube off the tyre, better then any solvent etc.
  6. Kero has never caused a problem in all the years that I have been using it, but that's my experience I guess. The trick is not to use too much you only need to make the rag damp enough to lift the grease, you are not going to soak it to the point of run off.

    You can buff any residue away with the other end of the rag when you are finished, although I never bother and the surface of the tyre is not left in a slippery state when finished.
  7. warm water and some dish-washing liquid will work fine, make sure to wash of any soap residue with plenty of clean cold water.

    Been there, done that with the Z13, was in a hurry and didn't wash the soap residue off. (was a leaky transaxle/diff)

    Running late for work, bike was warm and I nailed it no more than usual. Zero traction, lots of slideing and I was smileing from ear to ear until~

    I didn't mind it fish-tailing at 1st till it stepped right out and was unrecoverable for my skill : (

    You need to be a half decent build to pick up a Z13 while looking like a dick. Every one is looking while saying to themselves "look at the silly man struggleing to pick up that bike"

    Only use kerosine for fire burnouts. Though it's residue will only leave the slightest greasy trace, it will reduce traction for a time. if you washed the kero residue of with soapy water it would be OK I think (after washing soap residue off with clean water). the kero would certainly cut into the grease easier than warm soapy water.