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grease on paintwork

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by slyfox, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. i don't know how it gets there but little flecks of grease are appearing on my paintwork, if it was normal grime you'd just wipe it off with soapy water but this stuff just smudges into the paint work. if i use my finger-nail i can sort of get it off but does anyone know of a paint friendly anti-grease product that will make it come off really easily?

  2. Yeah use prepsol wont harm the duco.
    At bunnings or paint stores.
  3. being a spray sealing supervisor, have you driven through, past or near any roadworks lately?
    it could well be bitumen, which is easily removed with wd40 which does not harm duco (against popular opinion) we use it endlessly to clean vehicles that have found their way on to worksites or when the wind has changed direction etc. bitumen mist can travel a long way 100m?
    just a thought
  4. Prepsol wont hurt paintwork but will strip any polish off so just use kero, turps or WD40.
  5. Polish

    +1 on the prepsol.

    A really good quality polish should get tar off too. You might have to let it dry a little first though. I cover a huge amount of country miles so go through a lot of roadworks/resealing, and a wash with warm soapy water and polish the affected areas usually gets it off.
  6. Yeah, I was going to say WD40, but I was beaten to it.
  7. It also maybe from the chain, I get a few flicks here and there and also needed to know the answer to this, so will try turps first as I know I definitely have that in the cupboard :).
  8. thanks guys, i just noticed the added responses, i'll give WD40 a go in the future, i also picked up a mild cleaning product called meguiar's paint cleaner that i'm yet to trial as well.

    roadwork bitumen gunk could well be where it came from.
  9. Yep get is myselg. It's off my chain. Didn't use to get it with the old lube (cant recall the brand damn it) but do with the new one. I also get a bit on the back wheel.
    Don't suppose you noticed its all on one side ?

    If it is it's defo the chain. Me personally I just give it a quick squirt with degreaser and wipe it off. No damage to the paint work thus far.
  10. Kero is good. But will try WD-40 next time.
  11. I have had exactly the same problem, especially on the undertail, I think it comes from the chain mainly, but could be from the roads aswell. I have tried heaps of products and the best I have found is Bondall Driveway Degreaser, works a treat, it just glides off and hasn't damaged my paintwork at all.
  12. Ok WD40 is the go if its tar. You will find if it is grease a soft dry cloth, like and old hand towel will just wipe it off. The meguiars paint cleaner is for stripping off all the rd grime and removing swirl marks as well as the existing polish on your bike. If you use that you will have to repolish the bike. It is a very good product, but it is actually step 1 of a 3 step polishing system from Meguiars.. Good luck. :grin: