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Grease on Chain?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Iondah, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Sorry for another chain thread, really :oops:

    I bought a pack of Lithium based grease the other day and reading the back of it, it said something along the lines of: "To be used in place of a lubricant where it is not practical to seal the components, in environments of high temperature and moisture, and where "fling off" would be likely to occur with a liquid lubricant".

    This to me sound like it would be PERFECT for a chain.

    I haven't been game to try yet, but how about it? Would a light smear of this grease over the chain work in place of a lube? (I'm using Motul Road at the moment).
  2. Is is O-ring friendly ? ( if u have an o-ring chain )
    Why move to a high temp grease when u have motul road, which is purposely designed for bike chains?
    I use Chain Wax spray ;-)
  3. Oh I don't know... it was more of an academic question as to whether it would be suitable for a bike chain application or not.

    Yeah, it's an 0 ring
  4. The biggest problem is getting it into where it is needed. In days gone by we used spray grease for our trail bikes. The grease was dissolved in a light solvent that evaporated off after the spray had run into every crack and crevice. Off course we didnt use "O" ring chains either.
  5. It should work well if you can heat the grease and apply it hot.
    The wax/greasy sh!t my dealer used in the pre delivery lasted lots longer than the chain lube I use.
    I'll have to find out what it was.
  6. And I've just abandoned ChainWax after seeing how it leaves chains "kinked" because it is just too sticky.


    Trevor G
  7. How is it going to penetrate to inside the rollers??

    Don't just think of the rollers as static items which only contact the sprocket...they rotate/oscillate as well.

    Remember that any type of grease does not flow when it is not under pressure - it won't penetrate to where it is really needed. It will fling off, though, probably even more readily than a proper lube.


    Trevor G
  8. :? kinked???
    What do you recommend?
  9. A good beating. ;-)

    I have just been converted to Bel-Ray. Have only just started using it.

    Have a look at the bottom run of your chain - are all the links sitting smoothly in line, or are some of them at an angle to the next?

    That kinking changes the effective slack of the chain, because it is uneven.

    I didn't realise it was happening until, recently. Had used it for 10,000 km on the VTR and only just started using it on the NSR. The NSR was a 3,700 km bike when we got it, and within a few months - maybe somewhere over 1,000 km - the chain had started to "kink" in this way.


    Trevor G
  10. Mine looks fine .. :? nothin kinky about it at all
    Starting to think you are having flashbacks regarding
    your less than conventional bedroom antics :p :p

    ..whatever floats your boat :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Keep an eye on it then.

    Ours took some time to do it, in spite of me earlier saying within a few weeks. I think I should have said, "Within a thousand km or so."

    I really noticed it 3 to 4 months ago after we had done 1250 to 1500 km on the bike. It was not like that at first. It stood out because it had been identified as a serious problem on the VTR. A dealer I spoke to mentioned a number of chain breaking incidents in competition where the three guys had all been using ChainWax - it just appears to be too sticky around the sideplates and o-rings.


    Trevor G
  12. .. Shall do .. thanks Trev !
  13. I used chain wax on my OEM chain on my VFR 800 and got 80K out of the chain, hows that for kinky!
  14. at least your chain will be happy with the lithium in it. it will certainly reduce any chance of the chain inflicting harm upon itself.