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Grease/oil near gear shifter

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Nucleotide, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Hopefully someone can shed some light on my little issue.

    I've just got my 06 CBR1000RR back from the mechanics - it was having a general check up and apparently all was in top condition.

    I took it for a ride for about an hour after picking it up. When I got home I noticed some oil/grease coming from around the gear shifter area - possibly even up higher.


    Is this normal? I can't imagine so but having just come back from the mechanics I'm sure if it wasn't normal they would have said something.

    Thanks in advance. ;)
  2. Probably just chain lube from round the front sprocket.

    Welcome to netrider.
  3. I just got out there with a torch and had a thorough look. I think you're right. It looks like a build up of it. I might clean it up a bit and just keep an eye on it. Last thing I want is oil/grease over the back wheel.

    Thank you! I should have joined a long time a go. Better late then never though I guess. :)
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  5. WTF SMEE??? :(

    Would you mind providing an explanation as to why you think I'm a spammer? I have no idea what I've actually done to receive a permanent ban without a valid explanation. I'm completely lost.

    Before banning this account too, why don't you actually send me a PM so we can discuss exactly why the ban was applied. It would be greatly appreciated.

  6. The links to pictures were to weightloss information. The base site for the linked photo's replicates the same weight loss info.

    Nothing's actually being sold there, so respond here or drop me a PM explaining what's going on and if your legit (I think you might be based on the email addy's you've used), I'll reverse the ban.

    ...but explain quickly, before the new account is closed... we're sensitive to spamming around these parts.
  7. Hi Rob,

    I've corrected the links above. The files I was linking to were named 001.JPG and 002.JPG. I linked to 001.jpg (lowercase) and as such when clicked directed you to my personal website home page - this has now been corrected though.

    The weight loss information is just personal documentation. I was once 120Kg's, now 85kgs, and currently in training to become a personal trainer. It's just personal notes.

    Hopefully this clear everything up.

  8. Cleared up. Welcome back.

    Yep, you're more than likely over lubing your chain!
  9. Id band him for his disdain of cheese. The nerve!
  10. Cheese has fallen off my approved lists of food due to elevated cholesterol. :(
  11. Yes I actually banned you for your disdain for cheese. :p
    Actually Rob made a valid point because you were reported by a user as spamming and your photos had nothing at all to do with your initial point and you didn't make yourself known in the welcome forums you did ring all the correct alarm bells of a spammer hence the heavy handed moderation.
    I offer you apologies of sorts and hope that the rest of your stay on netrider is a cheerful one.
    Please use the welcome forums and make yourself known to the world.
    who knows maybe we will use your personal training hints except for the disdain for cheese. :)
  12. Haha! I love cheese.. I just don't eat a great deal of it any more. I still have the odd toasted cheese, tomato and ham sand which though.

    Thanks for the apology smee however, I can see why the alarm bells went off. All good though.

    Could we perhaps remove the infraction against my name though? I hate spam as much as everyone else.

    I shall head on over to the welcome forums and introduce myself. :)
  13. Infraction was removed and it should disappear soon from there.
    If not wear it as a badge of honour, the first non spammer to be banned for not spamming :/
  14. Cheese is good. I had to give up cheese whilst waiting for a gall-bladder op. Apart from curry, it was possibly the hardest thing to swear off.

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  15. I was one user who reported your post just assuming you were a slightly more intelligent spammer than usual without investigating further as I should have. I'd just dispatched several spammers from a list I maintain and was feeling somewhat jaded...sorry.
  16. Snow dog, I think you owe Nucleo some cheese.

    LMAO :grin:

    p.s. Only admin can remove the infraction. I was only able to remove the permaban.
  17. infraction bages -- waaaaayy cooooool
  18. who you doing ya cert4 with?

    yeah mate as said, too much lube, keep a eye on the pulse generator wire boot but, they tend to leak on hondas
  19. About to start with the Australian Institute of Fitness. I've been in the gym 4 nights a week for almost a year now though getting myself into a good physical and mental state and trying to bulk up a little.

    Cleaned up all the lube. Nice and clean in the area now - chain is good still and bike is running great. ;)
  20. You know what you need..... some cheese.

    A great package of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

    Im fairly certain at one point I was pounced upon for my defence of either saturated fats or cholesterol that they arent artery destroying poisons. So imma gonna drop this bomb and leave the thread now.