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Grays Auction

Discussion in 'VIC' started by boz, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. I saw an advertisement yesterday (from Saturday's age) about a $75 000 insurance claims motorcycle accessory auction at Gray's Auction House (cheltenham). I checked their site (www.grays.com.au) but they don't have any details of the auction. Tried calling, but line was busy at the time. As I have no chance of making it (work), thought I would post here just in case some other rider is interested and wants to follow it up. Number for grays is on their site.

    Started at 9 am this morning...

  2. thanks for the heads up mate,however im @wrk still dealing with the people who couldnt get on the planes yesterday
  3. just saw this and rang them to see if it was worth coming down. But it's all over Red rover. Dagnabbit!! :evil:
  4. Register on the website and they will send you details of all the auctions well ahead of time.