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Gravity sucks :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, May 6, 2009.

  1. I get to work today, set up, load the van, take off and start our run.

    I get a call from a police officer that needed access to the premises that was burgled last night. All good.

    Jump back in the van and my workmate tells me that we need to get back to the office as my side stand has gone through the bitumen and my bike was on its side.

    My workmate was shocked at the lack of reaction from me. I just shrugged and said, well, if it's over, then it's over, getting angry wont fix the problem.

    So I get to work and see the bike lying on its left side. Bracing myself for the damage, my workmate helps me get the bike upright again.

    Wow, what a massive hole the 240+ kilos has created.

    Then for the next 10 minutes 4 of us were looking for the damage.
    We found it finally. The smallest scratch on the left footpeg, the smallest scratch on the clutch lever and the smallest scratch on the radiator cover.

    That was it!!!!!!!!

    All four of us had a really good look at the bike and there was virtually no damage at all.

    It's the most bizarre thing I've ever witnessed.

    The guys all told me to go buy a lotto ticket. I thought to myself that all of the luck for the next 12 months was used up this morning.
    I bought a ticket none the less.

    Now I must check the lotto ticket :)


    Looks like I had some luck left, 4 numbers in tonight's draw. $5.25 investment for a return of $23.80 :grin:
  2. Welcome to BMW ownership.
    I remember dropping mine in a very low speed u turn when I first had it and all it gor was a minor scratch on the rear indicator and the mirror ends.
    The pots has crash strips on it so they copped the brunt of it and don't look scratched at all.
    Very solid bikes the be-ems :)
  3. weight of the bike notwithstanding, (or lying :LOL:), there MUST have been a weak point in the tar for a hole that size to be caused. I mean, it's not as if it's the height of summer..... :shock:.
  4. Seen it happen before. The bike rarely topples in this instance, but just gradually sinks until it rests on its side in the most gentle of ways. Am not surprised by the lack of visible damage as you couldn't lay it down more gently if you tried. If your bike has to to go rubber side up once in its lifetime, this is the way that you want it to happen.
  5. I have a little disk thing that I put under the foot of the stand ...

    I do get more worried about leaving a bike to stand somewhere than I do about riding bonkers.
  6. There's a joke about extracurricular activities with other Netrider members in there somewhere.
  7. same thing happened to me but on the edge of the road a few weeks back, it really sucks glad you got away with minimal damage, i always leave mine on the centre stand at work it keeps me much more assured it will be upright due to surface or idiot interference with it.
  8. The whole looks a little like a nose.

  9. Glad to hear the damage was 'minimal' mate. Surprised the bitumen gave way in this weather .. must have been pretty soft, thin .. or both.
    I use the screw top of a nescafe jar under the stand when I need to park her on soft ground, but I'd NEVER think it would have been required in your case.

    Very lucky vic !
  10. It's possible the hole was already there and you didn't notice it.
    By the look of your pic most of the hole looks old and weathered except the top where it's visibly scratched and freshly broken.
    My guess and it's only a guess is your stand was on the edge of the hole and at some point the edge has given way making the hole bigger and your bike falling.
  11. The old BMW's are pretty good like that... the boxer engine practically is the sidestand.
  12. Nope.

    I park there everyday and have done so for 6 months, there was no hole there when I parked the bike.

    Yeah the hole is of a decent size. I was surprised at the whole thing letting go.

    Definitely no indication that it was a soft spot.
  13. Reminds me of an engineering fable, where a king asks the finest craftsman in the land to make the bestest horse-drawn cart ever; a cart that will last at least 100 years without maintenance or repair.

    ... and sure enough the cart is used happily by generations, with no maintenance required, no failed parts, everything just as pristine as the day it was built...

    ... until, on the day of the 100th anniversary of its construction, the entire cart fails catastrophically at once; every single part of it crumbling to dust. :LOL:

  14. That is perfect engineering right there.
  15. Wow Vic - good job your bike was ok, and am very impressed there was no reaction from ya on hearing your bike was lying down...

    On ya with the lotto win too :grin:
  16. Lucky dip for you x 2... When I read the first part of your story I was really expecting the worst, but Bravo to a sweet deal on that one.

    Gravity sucks, and so do woefull bystanders when it comes to dropped bikes.

    On the last brutally hot day we had in Melbourne, I was riding down Bourke Street during peak hour. As I was waiting at the pedestrian lights out the front of the McDonalds - opposite the hardware store (for anywone who knows it), I saw a bike sliding over/sinking on its stand for what seems like in slow motion for ever.

    When gravity and heat finally won out the bike went over with an almighty thud that stopped people in their tracks.

    I pulled over and stood there for a second thinking about what I should do kind of assuming that 1 or 2 other people would see what I was thinking, but alas. Like a bunch of stunned farking mullets, as I got underneath & on the side to pick it up, whilsts clearly struggling as the bike was a big thumping naked thing, everyone just stood there in a semi circle staring at me like I was a busker..

    Stupidly rather than yelling at someone to give me a hand, I just kept going with the annoying logic "well, i have to learn how to do this myself just in case it ever happens to me". Got the bike up and it was trashed. How could so much damage happen like that??

    I felt terrible for the person who was going to come out, not knowing the bike was over at first, untill they saw the bent pegs, leavers snapped, scratches and indicator pieces all over the place. I didnt have a pen or paper with me, so just left the scene.

    The only thing worse than this was 2 blokes out the front of an office building on the cnr of Bourke and William St having a smoko, laughing at the fallen over bike in between them?? WTF?? I asked them if they would help me pick it up, and they look at me like I had just arrived from another planet in a poo brown LH Torana with a white Vinyl Roof......

    Sorry to hijack you post Vic, but it just reminded me of these 2 moments past that grated on me just now..!! Good to hear your bike is all safe n sound.
  17. I've heard about this happening to the guys at the BMW club. The 250kg machine waits until you're gone to start sinking into the ground.
    You come out from the coffee shop and there's your pride and joy lying on the ground in the most undignified way.

    One of the problems with owning something heavy on two wheels.