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gravelly noise???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BalmyBrowny, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. i was riding to work this morning.... was feeling great about my riding and decided to take longer way in... waste another few mins and have some twisties.... dipped into a right hander and it tightened on me... put some pressure on the rear brake and pulled the clutch in ( not too sure if that was right idea or not ) and when i did... heard a gravelly noise.... i released the clutch and wasnt in gear... pulled it back in and selcted 2nd and off i went... no further probs all the way to work... didnt notice any dirt on road but was looking ahead through the corner and not on the road.... (for once) so was just wondering if anyone had any idea as to what this may be??? i'm still a few hundred K's off needing a service if that helps....

  2. Gravelly noise?
    Try starting your bike, put it in Neutral, and release the clutch..
    Does it sound like that? if so, its just the cluth/gearbox spinning with minimal load.
  3. yeah i tdid that when i got to work... still had a coupld k's to go when it happened.... so went through gears... tried it in neutral.. nothign out of ordinary after that.. i know the noise you are talking about... was just that one time... kinda scared me cause was at the end of ther corner so was still in the lean coming out... sounded like a whole lot of rocks just decided to jump up and down in my engine cause didnt sound like it was hitting the fairing after thinking about it... was pretty loud ... well to me anyway....
  4. Don't suppose they may have been, gravel hitting the underside of the bike? :)
  5. is what i'm hoping.... which makes me a little more worried that i didn't see it when preparing for the corner.... gravel doesnt' really help traction afterall..... just wanted to make sure couldnt have been anything else and had to put bike in for some fixing he he... dont wanna be without it... ;) didn't find any gravel in the fairing now that i've just run out and looked ;) but then again have ridden home so could have come out on way too....
  6. Not. Dunno about the noise but can help by saying it was the wrong thing to do. What you should have done was maintain corner speed, push on the bar and and lean the bike over harder. Hitting the brakes (rear's not as bad as front) and pulling in the clutch slow the bike and make it stand up more. This is instinctive behaviour but will make you run wider and put you at more risk of crashing. :)
  7. so if its instinctive how do i stop doing it ??? :p didnt realise doing that would stand the bike up.. doesnt slowing usually tip it over??? not sure on how it works... kind of like the counter steering i guess.. just have to train myself to do it the way i have to.. not the way i think to do.... more practice i guess... :p i so cant wait till next year.. goin on advanced rider course with stay upright (qld) gotta save the moolah... so i should just turn harder hoping that i'm not goin too fast??? forgive me if stupid question... just tryin to work it out in my head so easier to do...
  8. Only if you bring it to a stop and forget to put your foot down. :) There's lots of cornering discussion up already with some great links. Have a search around, you might find it useful.

    The other side of it is that turning a corner uses some of the grip available in your tyres. Braking also uses some grip. Adding the two brings the possibility that the sum will be greater than the total available. this can be fun but all too often it is also painful. :)

    To answer the question, instinctive reactions are overridden by practice. Continually practicing corners and leaning the bike past your normal comfort zone (in safe conditions) will help you learn to trust your bikes capabilities. A bike can only crash because of the rider in these type of circumstances. Bikes are much better at cornering than the clowns like us that ride them. :)
  9. Not sure if i can help with the noise, possible gravel in the fairing? and as you said might have fallen out on way home?

    did u just hear the noise? or did u feel it also?

    with the cornering thing, slowing down mid corner isnt a good idea. it can end up making the bike stand up straight and you going straight instead of cornering. happened to me twice..i learnt my lesson lol. overshooting corners aint cool.
  10. breno... didnt really feel it.. just the noise of the rough and 'gravel' sound... i hope i dont have to learn the lesson the same way ;) is the whole point of saving up to do a course :D

    he he seany... love that lsat sentence.... my instructor at qride said similar thing.. bikes are better at riding than we are.... i've just started gettin comfortable leaning past teh bike... ie my head is inline with left hand when in left corners and vice versa for right handers.... so im just gettin to that point where i can go a bit further... (not much left of the chicken strip on the rear :) ) so gettin there....