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Gravel stack

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rockjob, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. This was last weekend, on putty road, with tweet and 2 other guys(Sry dont remember your names, I think one was yak?)

    Was pulling off to the side of the road to turn around. The shoulder looked like a solid surface, went of braking only with the front. In the shade, the solid road turned to gravel of the same colour as the road.
    Long description of 0.4 seconds
    Front wheel dug in to the left, the rear followed through to the right till i was facing 90 degrees to the left then the rear wheel hit the gravel. I got launched off the right had side of the bike, did a flip, landed on my left knee.
    My bike slid after me and in the process, snapped the right foot peg braket and the right indicator.

    Knees heal and indicators and footpegs can be replaced.

    Lesson learnt: brake on the road, pull off at walking pace. Gravel is unforgiving when you dont see it.

    Ive already had a stack in the wet, so I think ive learnt all the silly mistakes the hard way.

    I am perhaps a little too eager to go out on rides with the experienced guys. I'm fine 95% of the time, but there are those few moments that years of experience save you from.
  2. Don't beat yourself up, man, it has happened to most of us. When pulling off the road onto the verge, avail yourself of the millions of dollars of R&D the manufacturers spend, and use THE BACK BRAKE :LOL:.
  3. Don't worry too much about it, mate...you sound like you have your head in the right place, and that will advance your learning speed.

    There is alot to be said for the often unmentioned subtleties of riding that experienced riders put into practice, without thinking about it.
  4. You can brake on gravel, but best bet is to make sure your wheels are pointing straight ahead and do it gradually.

    And yep, you learn plenty quickly, but the finer points are what keeps the rubber side down.

    So long as you're OK, that's the main thing.
  5. The really stupid thing is that I never used my back brake. It never did enough. You would have to almost stand on it to lock up back up or hold me for a hill start. I even took it to a family friend whos a rider and he ensured me it was in working order.

    After this stack, I replaced the brake pedal and adjusted it and OMG it works!!!

    I have to now learn from scratch all the situations I can use and should use the back brake in.

    (Thats right guys, that little black gpx250 that set a mean pace going into jenolan caves on the learners run never touched the back brake!)
  6. I went in a little fast and I'm pretty sure I was straight enough, but I was only using the front brake. If I was using the back too, the bike would have kicked around a bit, but I might have had the chance to back off a bit.

    I forgot to mention that I road back from just past the half way house with my right leg on my pillion peg. :p
    I think after that, my right leg was more sore than my left knee!!
  7. Glad you got it fixed mate.

    As I said, do all your braking ON the road, then at crawling pace move over into th gravel. This has saved me from rash many times I'm sure.

    I got those pics, I can't PM you, so PM your email address and I will send them along.

    When do you want to go for another run to the Putty?? This time with both feet on the pegs.... :grin:
  8. How would you know, that was Browny?! :LOL:

    How's the knee mate, would still be a little bruised? 10/10 on the drop too, it looked fantastic...more like 0.04 seconds! :eek:

    Don't worry about being too keen to go on rides, just don't be too keen to keep up. If you can't control that urge, try slowing down until the rider in front is completely out of view, then nothing will distract you from riding at your own pace; Pete commented that you came in a little hot and ran wide a few times, use that as constructive observation. Other than that, you're doing well :)
  9. The knee is a little sore to the touch, but no longer stiff. Pity the Draggins have minimal padding.

    It was the first time being on those roads.
    I probably was going a little fast on the unfamilar twisties so thats why I went wide a few times. Plus I dont want to scrape my pegs when I have dunflops on! :p (Those chicken strips are safety strips imo!)

    There is that urge to chase you guys into the distance, but its only a 250 and never know if theres another lemmings corner just around the next bend.

    Couldnt make the oxley because of uni commitments, but the weekend after, 27-28th I'd be up for a ride.
  10. Hey Rockjob, how'd you go with the parts etc,etc??
  11. Indicator from that place on silverwater road $30

    Peg braket $163 brand new from team moto. (OUCH!!) I could have probably got this from the 2nd wreakers as the first didnt have the bracket.

    Brake lever $33 from brisons wreakers rydalmere.

    Stacks arnt cheap.

    My right handlebar is bent inwards slightly. I'm debating to: leave it, bend it, get another from the wreakers.
  12. Well put Yak!.. Should be a sticky, for thinking riders.
  13. Sounds like after market... second hand are $10

    That seems high, as mine was $50 - $60 odd from Alto

    For next time Rockjob..... NEVER pay full asking price!!! get your screwdriver out and start screwing!!! You should be able to screw them at least 20% if not more if you're lucky...
  14. From now on, you will be known as Graveljob.
  15. Thanks Raven, it's one of the rules I follow myself when things get a little hot for my experience level.
  16. Don't kid yourself, experienced riders do things like this. They just don't post them on public forums and hope to God nobody saw it so that they have time to come up with a really cool explanations!

  17. :rofl: :rofl:
    Absolute frickin GOLD :rofl:
  18. dont ride the gravel road up to the halfway house on putty hehe
    use the driveway!!
  19. You have learnt the hard way. I guess the moral of your story is to travel on gravel roads at a walking pace with a road bike like the GPX250. Even if you used the back brake if you were going way too fast it could have ended badly just the same if the rear locked up and spat you off but the rear lock up is better to control than a front lock up what happened to you.
  20. I've learnt the gravel lesson too...

    Going down a "country"ish road at the start of July, didn't see the gravel, slowed down to pull over so I could turn around (so a car a couple of hundred meters behind me could pass without slowing down... how "nice" of me...) then I lose control and fall down on my right side. Got up straight away, but the right side fairing was all scratched, rear brake broken and my draggin jeans torn at the knee with my kneecap bleeding a bit.

    I've still got 5 redish spots on my right knee from where the scabs have healed. I look back on it now as a fond learning experience, I mean it could have been a lot worse for a P plater who usually only rides around the city maybe once a week.