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Gravel rash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Well. What can I say?

    I parked the bike and didn't check the floor as I always do before putting the sidestand down. So there was some gravel on the road and it was on a bit of a slant towards the sidestand.

    Result? The bike slid away 5 seconds after I dismounted. I heard a crash and didn't want to turn around to see because I knew something wasn't right.

    Three panels scratched. Nothing broken. Trying to organize for the repairs already.

    Moral of the story: Stay alert 100% while riding and 110% while parking the bike.



  2. Spewin, blood for ya, mate, but it's only paint. I have done it too. The pain fades.
  3. Funny bit.

    I called my wife to let her know and she went off at me for dropping "her bike"

    Will [​IMG]
  4. :LOL: Will
    Tell her its yours once she buys you a replacement :p

    Using a paint-pen is an option?
  5. heh. thumbprint on forehead?
    you are :eek:wned: by her :rofl:
    hope my missus isnt reading this :oops: :bolt:
  6. There are some deep scratches that will need a bit of sanding so I think a proper fix is a better option.

    It is all sorted now. A fellow NR is going to fix it for me. I saw his work before and he is good at it.

    Well she already said that she wants to go and travel Australia on a bike and I have been convincing her that a 500 is too small for that :demon:

  7. dude, check this sh1t out... today was really hot eh? in melbourne its been a bit of a heat wave....so today i'm walking down st kilda road, and i see a scooter had knocked over another scooter like a dominoe...whos the culprit? the guys scooter stand had melted through the ashphalt and when it sunk fair enough it flipped over and knocked the bike over... who would have though huh? lol....

  8. I learnt the hard way that ashphalt melts at 32 degrees. A few weeks ago I had my scooter parked on the (ashphalt) footpath at Hawthorn in Melbourne on a hot, but not extreme day. Was standing half a block away talking to a friend, when all of a sudden I see my scooter keel over like someone who has just fainted. Now sporting some expensive scratches, but luckily didn't break off mirrors or anything. I now carry two small squares of wood to put under my stand on hot days if I can't find any concrete to park on.
  9. Gravel or not, how does a bike manage to fall over on flat ground? :?
  10. It wasn't quite flat. It was my own fault as I parked where there was gravel and it was a slight slant towards the sidestand. I guess it only needed a fly to stand on the bike to break the delicate balance :cry:

  11. Believe me it can! Mine was parked on a flat footpath and has a centre stand only. (Aprilia Sportcity 200)
  12. Well that explains it all [​IMG]

    I've never had a bike with those dodgy centre stands so can't comment [​IMG]
  13. I believe it happens when a particular bike is cursed. I have had this happen to one of my bikes about 3 or 4 times. ONE particular bike mind you out of the 3 or 4 in my posession. All different scenarios too. Never happened to another bike I've owned or ridden in 25 odd years. Just this one particular bike over about a 18 month time span. I honestly believe it's cursed :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. costly lesson, can't imagine the cost to repair
  15. OOps that would be me :eek: :LOL:

    Hey Will never fear mate you will be back on the road Tuesday or wednesday

    Happy easter Will :grin:
  16. WOW and double WOW.

    That looks beautiful Bob. Thanks very much for that. I have a big grin drawn in my face now.

  17. Did it polish right out? Or need to touch the paint up?
    Either way, that looks like new again :grin:
  18. They needed more than a polish.

    Here are the pictures Bob sent me after he did most of the prepping work.




    Very talented pair of hands indeed.

  19. That sucks Will .. :(
    On the Upside .. Bob looks like he's done one hell of a job there :biker:

    .. On the downside ... lets hope he doesnt get too pissed off at ya when 100's of NR's start jumping on ratetheplate.com.au , now that you've shown his rego :facepalm:
    :LOL: :LOL: