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Gravel Rash from 70 kph drop.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. For people who dont know what gravel rash is,

    This is Gravel Rash from a deliberate drop at 70 KPH instead of hitting a post,

    I stepped of the bitumen at 70 KPH, Which wasnt a problem, but getting back onto the road was,
    There was a step on the edge of the bitumen about 6 inches high, I had a post coming up which I could not get past with out hitting it,
    So I tried to get my bike back over the step, The front wheel did, but the back just would not climb the ridge, So down I went,

    I was wearing ordinary jeans and a jumper, I dont wear Attgatt and only wear a leather jacket for the cold.
    I have been riding for 47 years, Its not the first time I have had gravel rash, and more than likely it wont be the last.

    This is not to wind people up, this is just to show what can happen, and the amount of gravel rash you do get,

    3 weeks later it was all healed and gone,

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  2. this is...

    i presume you were going to post a picture or two ??? :LOL:
  3. that look nasty deadman. I could have done without seeing you in your undies though :p

    DD- that link has some pretty nasty pics too.

    hopefully this isnt going to turn into another atgatt v squid threads...theres enough of them going on at the moment
  4. That's what you get for not wearing the proper gear.. Thought you would have learnt your lession by the sounds of it you haven't
  5. Least it doesn't look to bad any way chicks dig scares, but I think with jocks like those you don't have any issues pulling chicks.
  6. i get worse then that playing weekend sport.. :)
  7. I've got road rash from 2 different accidents. My last one (December 2009) is still healing.. I was overseas and did not have any gear because I was there on holiday and wasn't expecting to ride (country requires no license or gear whilst riding)
  8. You call that Gravel Rash,my first and last gravel rash happened in 1975 and after the scab formed through the singlet on the section I missed and 2 days later it got ripped off with the non stick dressings that also needed ripping off every day for a solid week to be redress.You only get REAL gravel rash once,its a bit like TORTURE,not to be repeated under any circumstances.
  9. ive had bigger gravel rashes coming off my skateboard doing 45 kph.
  10. No prizes for crashing..
  11. Thats what u get for wearing green undies :D

    "one day, your going to get caught with your pants down"

  12. After seeing this Ill be ATGATTing for a while to come! Looks painful!
  13. Deadman, I appreciate what your saying - that a bit of gravel rash is not the end of the world.
    And ATTGAT, can be a bit of overkill in many situations. But I believe you've been lucky. Ie, had a leg been caught under sliding bike, you could quite easily have a much more severe case of 'ol "gravelous skinofficus".

    In your experience, it hasn't been too bad, but I don't think the message of 'see, you don't have to be dressed up for riding, all the time', is not really a good thing in the long run.

    Simply because what has happened to you, so far, hasn't been that bad, the rest of us shouldn't be hanging up our gear, just yet. :)

    Plus, I actually already have enough static pain in my life...adding to it with gravel rash would be to much.

    It's a funny thing, that the message I get from those pics is ' hooray for leathers!!' fare thee well oh gravel rash.
  14. I've had some nasty gravel rash from offs on the pushy at 50-60kph and it can get a lot worst and deeper than the photos Deadman has posted.

    It f&ckin canes for days and depending on the severity of the injury, really needs bandages replaced (wound treated) daily to avoind infection.
    Replacing bandages is a real ouch factor made worst if you're hairy and the main reason why cyclists shave legs, etc.

    I've also heard some who have said that the broken bone they sustained in the same fall was less of a problem than the gravel rash...

    What you wear is a personal choice, but I've decided to post my 2c worth as it's something everyone needs to think about on now far they want to go with the amount of gear they're going to wear.

    Choice is yours but injuries don't only affect you so choose thoughtfully and make sure you're comfortable with your choice...
  15. Showin' your age there boys :LOL:
    There's two things I haven't heard for many moons.
  16. Haha.. THE CANE days!

    Yeah copped a caning to two in my younger days, never deserved of course....:p
    And who know, could come in handy one day if I ever have a moment of madness and need it as justification for a insanity plead..... :D
  17. Yeah you must be lucky, that barely looks like gravel rash.

    The way they get the gravel out is the real fun part....no anaesthetic and a wire brush pretty much!
  18. Too bad on the off Brian..............But I thought you where legging it for a while????
  19. It is dependant on many things, how you fall, how far you slide the road surface etc.
    Deadman you were lucky that's all you got, but dependent on the fall surface etc someone else may have fared much worse.