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Gravel on a corner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by trinity, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Has a scare yesterday, on left hand sweeper, felt really good then I saw it :shock: gravel washed down across the whole road :eek:hno: , first instinct had me wanting to hit the brakes but I knew that was a big no no. So I didn't do anything at least I don't think I did, it happened too quickly, I remember reminding myself not to look down at it, head up look though the corner, have no idea if this is applicable in this case, then the rear tyre squiggled a bit & it was all over. Heart in mouth but still upright. I was not going that fast (cos I don't yet) don't know if this saved me basically I guess I acted as though I hadn't seen it. So what should I have done?

  2. yea i hate that, i get it sometimes on some roads i ride on, there is also this one with sand washed all across a corner also.

    i usually just roll off the throttle and get the bike upright, without going on the otherside of the road of course.
  3. You were right not to brake.

    In any cornering situation, never roll of the throttle especially when the surface is dodgy, ever. Shouldn't be rolling off mid corner at any time anyway.

    Leaning your body off the bike so that the bike itself is leant over less is also a good idea.

    So.. look where you want to go, dont brake, dont roll off, lean off more, pray.
  4. usually the majority of the gravel will be in the middle/very edges, there should be less in the two wheel tracks of the lane, as other cars will pick it up/push it out of the tracks.

    so ride in the tracks if you can. also, slowing down before entering the gravel can help, as you can corner more upright - more grip. but dont get on the brakes in gravel, its only gonna be easier to lock up. a few bits of gravel shouldnt do much, just keep riding. if its thicker, slow down if you have time, otherwise i'd think treat it like normal road, coz if u panic/react adversely, its only going to increase chances of something going wrong.

    good job :)
  5. You did exactly the right thing for when you are surprised by conditions too late to prepare for. Just ride smoothly on through, don't upset the bike, and hope like hell that the tyres stick (or re-stick when you get out the other side).

    If you'd grabbed the brakes you'd have ruined any chance of the tyres re-gripping once you'd passed over the gravel.

    And then you'll find that the bike is capable of riding through poor grip and corners 'too tight' like you wouldn't believe!
  6. Someone put gravel ALL OVER the track!!! :eek:

    I get to ride on all sorts of surfaces at pace and I dislike riding on dirty tarmac the most. Even straight gravel is better as the traction is predictable. Everyone's already got it covered on what to do though.

    The only things I would add:

    No need to freak out at a small amount of loose stuff on the road, it makes next to no difference unless you're already on the limit for perfectly clean tarmac. It'll twitch and move about, but it's all good.

    When you drive through crap on the road remember that your tyres may now have crap all over them. Doing a decent speed (80km/hr+) will throw off most dust/whatever, but still be careful going through the next left and right corner as once you still havent scrubbed the sides of the tyres clean and mightnt have much traction. :eek:
  7. Oh there was praying & a little swearing ...ok ok a lot of swearing! Praying, thanking then the swearing! :LOL:

    Should add it was wet, didn't look like many cars had been through it I think someone must've had a major water issue either that or they'd been washing a lot of cars! Fresh wet gravel, dirt & water...yummy!

    Ok dumb question maybe but...what was the squiggling about, rear tyre trying to get traction? That made me wanna grab the brakes more than seeing the gravel. Thanks to Scumbag & his little enactment last Tuesday night it was fresh in my mind not to brake, although everyone has said it one time or another!
  8. And another thing of course, if it really is dangerous, report it so it gets cleaned up. :wink: :grin:
  9. Oh yeah didn't think of that. Who should you report stuff like that to?
  10. The "squiggling" is your tyre losing and regaining traction. The tyre slides until it finds some more road with enough grip. When it's only a sparse covering of crap on the road, it only has to slide a little bit before gripping again, and it just feels like a wiggle when this happens a bunch of times in 1/2 a second.

    Not sure, havent had to do it myself, council if it's their problem. If it's properly dangerous though I'd be straight through to emergency services to make sure something gets done.
  11. Well Done Trinity !!!
    Being a newbie, I can't offer any advice here, as I tend to just listen and take in all I can from the experienced riders here. By the sounds of it you controlled the situation extremely well and averted a spill.
    Not sure if I'd be able to do the right thing in the same situation.

    Pat Yourself on the back ! :grin: :grin:
  12. Given the surprising circumstances, you reacted the correct way.
    Keep everything steady, look where you are going, and ride the bike through it...
    Sometimes anything you do is'nt going to save you, but for most circumstances, don't brake, maintain a constant throttle, and very light on the bars so the front-end can wiggled as it slips and then regains traction.
    Oh...and stay loose as a goose on the bike...don't fight it.

    It IS a bit of a scare when you see it coming and it's too late to really do anything without making things worse....no matter how many years you've been riding...so well done - you've been listening. :cool:
  13. Thanks for the tips & support. You guys rock :dance:
  14. Sounds like you did exactly the right thing Trinity.. well done!!

    One other thing that comes to mind ... if its safe to do so, you could go back and kick as much of the crap off the road as possible, so a rider 5mins behind doesn't suffer the same surprise!

  15. Did you clean your undies afterwards before you put them back on? :p
  16. I agree with everyone, you did the right thing and did not panic.
    Could have done other things in that situation, but really, they often come up on us and happen so quickly, the best you can do is just relax and make no sudden changes in any of the controls, unless necessary.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I'd already half stripped on the side of the road to get a bug out of my clothes not 15 minutes earlier (that was scary incident number 2)...so no I just rode home in 'em :wink:

    Gravel was scary incident number 3... number 1... I got lost! What a day I had...oh & scary incident number 4..was so relieved to get home nearly dropped bike turning into driveway!