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Gravel + inattentive rider + shiny street triple = Not so shiny street triple =(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sahig131, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    Never expected to post a thread like this, but here it is:

    Riding home today, as I do everyday, I managed to crash/ drop my bike. It was on an S bend that I know has gravel on it, and I was going pretty slow (20km/h) but due to my inattentive state I took the wrong line. This resulted in the front wheel loosing traction (on the gravel at the edge of the road) and me and the bike ending up in a ditch.

    A helpful passer-by helped me pull the bike out of the ditch (thanks) and after a number of quick checks I rode home (1km, no traffic) to assess the damage.



    Looks like the bars are bent (crooked when riding home) Is this fixable??


    Scratched engine covers - how do I go about getting these fixed? (where would I take them to get resprayed in the correct engine paint?)

    Also what other things should I be looking for (i.e oil in airbox ect)

    I know I ask a lot of (incoherent) questions; just want to get it sorted asap. Thanks in advance guys, so annoyed at myself for dropping the bike especially in the way I did !

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall mate, how did you pull up?

    If you're after genuine parts, it'll be expensive. Do you have insurance? Specifically, full comp?
  3. the bars might not be bent, look down the forks from above and see if they are still parallel with each other, if they're not, loosen off the triple clamp bolts a bit and nudge them back straight again and the bars may resume their correct position as well......
  4. If those scratches are the extent of the damage, don't do an insurance claim. If you have a look on the web, you should be able to purchase CF, or similar, engine case covers. Give the covers a clean up and fit over the top.

    As for the bars, loosen off your triple clamp nuts and check for correct fork alignment. If that's all good then the bar may be bent. Given how lightly you've gotten off I don't believe the bar will be bent, just mis-aligned.

    Good to see you take responsibility for the off, now what would you do differently next time?
  5. Jeez man, that sux
  6. ouch - my condolences
  7. GB racing crash bungs.. proven and strong.. might be a good idea, i've used them on my 675's for about 4 years now. Sorry to see the damage.. :(
  8. It looks like at least that upper right bar mount clamp has shifted. They can do that. Check them out. From memory, they're threaded into the lower piece, which then has a single bolt into the upper triple clamp. A quick look and loosen of those four grub screws should give you a fair idea if it's just shifted or there are bent bolts as well.

    Engine cases should lose some scuffing with a bit of a rub, then some black marker pen on the bared bits, unless you want to get all fancy and repaint them.
  9. got hate it when there's s#@t like gravel on the road
  10. Scratched up street triples make me want to cry.

    I was riding home last night and some idiot in my street was out with a leaf blower and had blown leaves and grass clippings across the entire width of the road. Wasn't expecting that when I came around the corner.
  11. Some places will do engine cover repair which may be cheaper than new covers. I reckon oggys would be a good investment here. Would have saved a lot of heartache
  12. Your other option is to get replacement covers from wreckers, shouldnt be too hard to source down.

  13. big ouch indeed, glad to hear you're ok !!
  14. Shit mate thats not good. I have a black street triple as well and can feel your pain! I have GB racing covers on my engine and even after a standing drop, they got pretty scratched. all i did was get new ones and put them on, good as! after u get the engine covers fixed, grab yourself some of them from ebay. u wont regret it
  15. Bugger to scratch up such a nice beastie, sorry for your off.

    Riding home last night I came across a lot of gravel dumped on a sweeper exit corner coming off the M4 onto Homebush Bay Drive. Lucky the lights were red and I was slowing down at the time. Both the front and rear washed out a bit but I keep constant throttle and rode it out... luckily (those dirt bike skills I developed back in the stoneage must be second nature). Looked like some bastard had dropped about 3~5 wheel-barrow loads over about a 50~100m stretch and just left it (suppose he may not have know he'd dropped it). Reported it to the RTA when I got home and hoped that nobody became a victim. Hopefully they clean up quicker than a corner on the Ol' Pac (about 1km north of Road Warriors), the gravel has been there for about a month!
  16. Thanks everyone for your replies, have purchased some engine covers to hide the scratches until I get the time to fix them. A quick loosen and nudge of the bars has straitened them (thank goodness), so all in all it's not too bad.

    I suppose it's a good lesson for the dangers of complacency, especially going into 'autopilot mode' in the last few km before home. Also, atagatt.

    Ride safe everyone! :]