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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by solidsk8, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I was riding through the Brisbane CBD. While I was splitting through traffic all of a SUDDEN!... A grasshopper about the size of a lady finger banana jumped from the back of a ute onto my arm!

    At first I thought someone was chucking things at me from their windows for being awsome, totally freaked me out when I saw it.

    I then took the bug for a little ride around town until I had to slow down at another set of traffic lights to filter through more cars, it must have decided cagers were safer so it jumped off me onto another car.

    Bye bye little grasshopper, hope you made it home safe.
  2. its better when 17 year old german backpacking girls jump on..
  3. He hitch-hikes on utes, bikes and cars??!?

    Poor little dude's girlfriend must live aaaages away.
  4. gold..
    comitted little bugger.
    easy way for him to try cars, utes, trucks and bikes. guess he takes as he feels.
    'hey.. the suns out.. im riding today'
  5. Not to steal the thread, but along the same lines...
    I was caging down the freeway when these two pigeons slowly cruised past me in the outside lane, at about door handle height. :shock: ..They were cruising along side by side at about 85-90k's...once they moved past they changed lanes to be in front of me, and dropped back the speed a little bit...eventually I caught up and they were flying along about 2 ft in front of the car at bonnet height, so I backed off a smidge to give them room...they flew that way for over a Kilometer down the centre freeway lane then climbed and broke away into a different direction...Just like they were on a bloody morning commute!!...I was gobsmacked!

  6. HAHAHA… I have noticed on nights where there is a mist, most enclosed freeways (Sound barriers along the sides) seem to be pretty clear, I surmise this is because there is a constant flow of air from the wake of vehicles clearing the way.
    I would imagine a bird could “Surf†this airflow it would mean a lot less effort for them
  7. like the cockatoos i sometimes race to work..
    they cut corners though
  8. :LOL: AWESOME !
    I don't know if I'd have had the discipline to concentrate of where I was going, and most probably would have rear-ended someone.
  9. No you wouldn’t you would have had the damned birds in the way
  10. Correction .. 2 dead birds, damaged bike, and car boot . :LOL:
  11. Cute story!

    I've given a few locusts a lift, drilled into my jacket and radiator shroud.
  12. Yes mate...this was through an area where the freeway is coralled by a high cutting each side...and it had occurred to me that there might indeed be a "draft" of sorts that they were on, because believe me, they were NOT afraid of all the cars around me - this was in heavy traffic, so there another car about 40 meters ahead of them...they slotted in like a regualr lane change and just maintained position more or less...When I caught them, slowly...all they had to do to land on the bonnet was lower their legs...maybe it was bonnet-wave,as they were only 2 ft ahead of me.

    And I swear!! (puts hand on left tit) that as they first moved up alongside me in the outside lane and eased past, that the closest one looked over at me!!. If pigeons could laugh, they would have pissed their pants at the look on MY bloody face!
    Like I said, they were at door handle height, not up in the air like you'd expect a bird to be, so they were right on my shoulder more or less - just below drivers eye height.

    Now I'm left looking out for them every bloody morning - I've developed a pshycosis!
  13. the image is priceless for sure. did he wink then just gas it a touch.
  14. I like that it just coasted along on your arm, then jumped to another car........ even a grasshopper knows when to change lanes LOL
  15. you didn't catch the grasshoppers name did you?
    oh no,thinking of the joke. sorry. :grin:
  16. It was more like (from the pigeon)...."Bloody cager!..pfuh!", then a touch more gas to ease passed me..maybe he rides a bike when he aint flyin...? ahahahaha.

    Ya gotta love the grasshopper story to!...clearly another veteran commuter like these two pigeons appeared to be..
    :shock: :shock:

  17. and they dont have to pay rego or service costs.. got it down those guys