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graphite r6 hand grips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by alexjkoro, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have an 08 R6 in graphite colour with red lettering which has previously been low speed dropped at low speed by the previous owner. Since I purchased the bike i have replaced the right side fairing which I found local on ebay the same week of the purchase. There is still a little bit of damage to the brake lever, right bar end and minor scratch on the mirror plastic. I've so far purchased black and red ASV levers which are still in the mail from the US, some carbon look frame sliders to minimise damage in the future, but still looking at possibly replacing the bar ends and maybe handgrips to go with the theme.

    Looking at these on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Harris-R...cycle_Parts&hash=item43ae517857#ht_3149wt_905

    Can anyone tell me if you've had experience with these over the standard grips? How easy are these to replace? And anyone know of any bar ends which will match the theme?


  2. Not familiar with that particular brand of grips, but grips are very easy to install.
    Cut along the old ones with a razor, rip them off, clear away the old glue, add new glue, push on new grips (don't try put them on the wrong side).

    There are a huge number of bar ends around, maybe get ones that match the sliders? Or anodised red to match your stickers? Try not to fully unscrew the old bar ends when you remove them, you'll have to fish out some things if you do.
  3. I've always imagined that grips would only go on and off if you remove the bar ends. So the grips will have a split in them to put the new ones on? Is it easier to put the new bar ends on while the grips are off or does it not matter?

    Thanks for the reply 2Loud
  4. Oops, take the bar ends off first. But still don't completely undo the screw, back it off and with some force the whole lot will come out, then cut off the grips. You'll see how the bar ends stay in when you take them out and have a look.
    The grips won't have any split in them, when you put on the glue it sort of acts like a lubricant while its still fresh out of the tube. You gotta push and twist and swear to get them on. They might have a pretty logo or something on so make sure you have it twisted around to exactly where you want it before the glue sets.
    Then the bar ends go back on.