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Graphics suck

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    I am trying to create a graphic for an envelope to be printed.

    The printer wants 2 pantone colours.

    What I sent him was not pantone colours and now I have no fcuken idea how to create the graphic in pantone colours.

    Any graphics guru out there than can put me out of my misery?

  2. What are you trying to create it in?

    Ideally, you want to do it in Adobe Illustrator. If so, bring the colours you want to use into the document like this:
    (This varies slightly in different versions. I don't have CS4 yet).

    - Open the Swatches palette
    - From the pull-down menu, select 'open swatch library'
    - go to 'color books', then 'PANTONE Solid Coated'.

    The Pantone chart pops up.
    You'll probably need to use the pull-down menu here to select 'Small list view' to make it intelligible.

    From here you can scroll through and piuck out the one(s) you want, which will be added to the swatches palette. The new swatch should have a little dot in the corner to signify that it is a 'spot colour'.

    When you've got the colours you want, you need to go through every object and designate them in the desired colour, or a % tint thereof.

    Print as separations to check that everything has been re-assigned to the new colours (anything that still prints cyan, magenta, yellow or black hasn't been!)

    Don't try and do it in Photoshop. Please.

    Edit: Or just email it to me.
  3. Hi Vic.

    Is it vector based or bitmap?

    Can be done either way.

    I'll send you a PM...
  4. Thanks guys,

    It's just the netrider logo with a URL underneath it and the return to address for the envelopes i'm having printed.

    Nothing complex.

    I'm at work now but can send the files and the template to whoever wants to have a crack at it.

    WTF is a pantone colour anyway???

    Why does it differ to a normal colour................

    Actually, never mind, I'll check wikipedia or some-such.